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How. She looks like a Husky. So. Cute Husky I know. She's like a miniature Husky. He's terrible. I love her for her. I forgive her everything. That's why she gets away with ever she wants she can do whatever she wants because she's ridiculously cute and she knows how to be cute. She knows how to. So she really works us. Yeah. Love it. My Gosh. Okay now my computer is going to live. Sorry about that. Good good. No, it's okay. They're open. At. Trap that can edit stuff. Of course, but this is all love. Of Life Slice I've let it really was Ooh, sorry about that. That's okay, so you. Experience, your early of out. nece were all you were in a relationship for most of that when some of your peers were sort of you know. We. Have our ups and downs. In the early years. There was a lot of. Over the in the first three years, there was that she was always. The bricker upper and I was dumpy. Because, she didn't plan on. Being Gay, she just thought. Like she would back in back in those days there was there was this attitude of like I'm GonNa. Just have my fun, and then of course I'm going to get married to a guy you know that was. That was not an uncommon You know sort of EXC. Modality back in those days, or at least it wasn't uncommon here in Colorado where where I the community that I found myself in. That was sort of a thing people. I guess but For me as soon as I finally got it. I was not going back like for me. I was not going. I was never going to go back But for shelley she had started earlier with her with her other relationships with women and stuff, and always dated men, but always kind of had a girlfriend on the side you know. That sort of thing back in the ninety S. Eighty. So. It just wasn't as accepted it back. Then it just it was not. It wasn't cool yet. It wasn't like. It wasn't it wasn't anything it was still very. It was it was eighty S. it was the nineties, so it was really different But You know. I was always. All in you know always all in as far as you know. Going back to having a boyfriend wasn't even like on the table for me. It was purchased I'm I'm gay for Shelley? Now. But I'm a moderate and for sure. Like? There was all these reasons to be gay like all these political reasons and social reasons like reactionary reasons like Maybe you mended this to you or it's reaction. Of like not man. For me, it was not that it was like going towards something absolutely going towards something, and then like finally once I got in bed with a woman which was showing I was like. This is what I always suspected I was missing and. That that sort of thumb. that. It was just like A. One hundred percent. Yes, for me like yeah, this is it. It wasn't like. You know because I was. People who were trying to make it about something else and I was like now now it's about it's about naked girl. Yes players that yeah. How were you with the cultural aspects? Did you feel when you walked to ask? Like for me, that was an added bonus like you had this like club. You were suddenly and in the sisterhood, and I loved it, and especially up here because we were you know there was there. Was this really really amazing group of just Hardcore Mountain Lesbians up here. That's suddenly I was cool enough to even just sort of be in that room with them and just revered them. They're just like really amazing. Women too strong, fierce, athletic, bad ass! Mountain women appeared that. Are Ed we're all just friends with each other. Because they all dated each other, it was really incestuous at the time I. missed all that because they were older, but You know it was just a really super cool group to suddenly be accepted into that was also part of the allure of it was was the community also you know? And then I went to a pride like sometimes when I would be dumped and single I I got a puppy like I got this puppy once when shelley hit dumped me, and his name is, Harvey and I loved Him Oh my God I love this. He was a white Chihuahua had for years. But one time like when he was a baby, I went to pride with a best friend Maryann. She see, I ended up in college. Having a roommate who ended up being a lesbian, so she she came out first, and I was like Oh. My God, Oh my God! My roommate's a lesbian, but I was like so repressed, even though I had sort of like come out to myself in high school I just couldn't believe my luck of like. Big. You, know suddenly in this in this roommate situation with a girl who just happened to? Have this lesbian past you know, and and she she she had gone to an all girls Catholic school and Creighton. Canyon City Colorado. And had an affair with one of the nuns drought is. I know it was so illicit and so raised. She's wild woman, and and so she was my really good friend, and she's still my best friend Maryann she. So she she started. She was dating men when we met, but then she started like. Not Wanting to tell me, but she started seeing women again. What is going on with you and she was like okay I'm seeing this girl. And then I went to this lesbian. Party with her and I was totally freaked out and. It. It was a long journey like coming out was just a long journey. There was a long long trajectory of me going my God. Oh my God you know gay people I was just raised on a ranch. You know what I mean so like to to be. To be out to myself was just mortifying mortifying it was it wasn't even. It wasn't. A small thing. It was like to sort of come out incrementally to everyone who has ever known me as a child. You know it was just such a big deal because because of where I came from. Holy Cow! That's kind of a fantasy scenario in ways. Stories, yes. I know it's not the point, but I do need an update on the none as she. Oh. She left the order she she didn't for the best. Yes, she. She wasn't actually was a novice. She wasn't a full-on none and. She had had A. Physical relationship with a few of the girls. Athletic Girls School in Canyon City Colorado and Canyon City Colorado. Too small small town really, Catholic. City is. It's like by saliva. Don't. You don't know where but who's from boulder. Who was from Bob was right, maybe was. Producer. Oh, I'm talking to you guys like you know Colorado near Ryan. Brian. Let's show your so yourself. You know where Canyon City is right..

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