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Know yeah okay but that's okay that's after so we've done lack so we we go first and then when we wrap up then the defense attorney gets to lay out out his final argument for why she should get the men mom and time so he lays that out that goes on lex for about ten ten minutes he lays out immediately go on for whatever but his case was about ten minutes long and probably was was at zero fact she was at his rhode island she was a nurse oh com that she spinner life helping people that she has remorse those are the three general narratives and k um uh that you know the remorse part and whatever my family debated but whatever that's not for me i i don't know her from adam i i don't know where family i'm not here to to argue that i can imagine that it's a difficult time for her family's well lane so anyway so then when he gets done she has the option to speak and she did so she read a a onepage thing a statement i'm apologizing it was very short and then she's done and then the than than my the final part that i found so fascinating lex was then the judge speaks and he spoke for a good long time before he ever house for a rise for the sentencing and that really is just like it is on tv but before he has her rise as for the actual sentence this was so interesting lex and i and i said before the break i said that i i had a great respect for the judge the it was such a thoughtful verdict and you could tell that he really thought about my uncle because he said w w e d he says that's woods carried him through this year getting to know my uncle at he goes what would do in the situation because he was such a good man and he went through step by step of what his verdict meant and how he arrived at it.

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