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Former executive homeland security co founder and executive chairman of the Chertoff group thank you for joining us he is a great book outscored exploding data reclaiming our cyber security in the digital age and I let me start by doing saying this I've been on the radio for a long long time and when it comes to talking about security people security cyber security it's almost like the Pink Floyd song comfortably numb it seems to me that people are okay giving up some of their security and not realizing that it chips away chips away trips away and at some point it's going to affect your insurance is going to affect their jobs our future and as you point out your book it may get to the point in future were were actually changing our behavior because we're so monitored that you don't want your boss to see what you saw what you went what medicines you're taking how fast you're going in your car because we're now being recorded everywhere with smart homes and smart cars and Fitbit's and what you're buying you point is all on the book and you get some amazing examples there chilling I think that's exactly right I see you know part of the problem is people tend to look at each individual request for data as if it's separate and what they don't understand is now engaged between the cloud and the availability of data brokers they will sell your data it is possible for somebody to collect all the different pieces and actually get a very detailed picture of your life and at some point you get two were talking about getting in China which is a social credit score where you're evaluated based on you know how you live what you eat where you go how much exercise you can gauge who your friends are when you search for online and your eyes if you use a good vision or their actions and that affects your employment your ability of a rent a house or your educational and well in your book the sink was chilling to me you give examples of of and the guy Allen who becomes a jihadist induced you see the progression there and how you're able to monitor and then you give a couple who buys a doll that they can actually listen and learn and it accommodate your kid is actually has language skills and a bit always listening it has a high frequency tone though the can link up with other products in your house like your smart TV and can collect data that you don't have any idea that's collecting and then you show a third bomb example is a guy named Carl who is an attorney who has a high level of awareness when it comes to privacy because he's a privacy attorney yet another love the the term digital exhaust his Fitbit and the things he's doing as far as how he's ordering and with the smart refrigerator he still pointing out a huge footprint even though he thinks he's not and then of course you take it to the the nth degree of the future on how information can be collected but I don't think people I still don't understand and I don't know why they're not more motivated I mean I look at is Russia and leaping to the Russia cyber attack but there should be outrage on both sides of the aisle with Intel agencies at center and yet with some of the answers are we do the same thing and it's just part of the way we act today and it's used as a tool campaigning tool by other countries does that worry you in a big way and I think you're you're right people do feel comfortably now I'm I mean it's a little bit like story by boiling the frog anywhere if you turn the heat up first please five doesn't realize being bored that part of it is because frankly people feel overwhelmed and they're not quite sure which Lucien Asian therefore there's a tendency to kind of hurt your eyes and you get what I'm so poor record of you in the book is give people some real trips about we're taking you to reduce their exposure recognizing that there are some limits but also to talk about what we need to have our government to and how quick you to make sure we're protecting ourselves and taking account of the new environment one out of our laws are integrated I mean for instance with the cyber attack what is what's what's the nation's response and how you calibrate a response to cyber attack were or the or or technology is moving so fast what is the appropriate retaliation or do we not get to hear about the retaliation are we doing quietly is is there a strategy do we even know does our government have one well you won't hear about everything but I will say one of the big discussions now is exactly what is the right response to a cyber attack importing that depends upon what we mean by an attack I mean generally for example we don't regard spy or espionage act of war it's been going on generations and for centuries I'm on the other hand if someone were to actually chase down a significant part of the power grade or the water at pumping stations or something and actually that would be potentially an act of war and right now there's a debate about how to calibrate your response you don't want to escalate to something that's overly aggressive right but you also don't want lessons to answer so in that sense I think we're still very much a work in progress also we're do you know so many folks are not trusting the government you were one of the co authors of the patriot act which a lot of advocates privacy advocates say was over reach from your perspective you're in a different situation you're you at that point our guided with keep our country safe do you think was misunderstood the patriot act I think it is often misunderstood I mean eight people have exhibited things through which had nothing to do with the patriot act including for example authorized in the war in Iraq and things of that sort where we really designed as you wish two things allow information sharing among different agencies it had been prohibited from sharing and then equalising the government's authorities in the digital world what they were in the aloe world but what I think was not well frankly maybe part of your government was not very good at explaining what is the degree to which all of these powers are being a revised by the courts and actually you know quite regulated now obviously there were some tweaks afterwards and it's fair because you see are something operation practice sometimes some unintended consequences by I do think it can be drop a little bit of a kind of a mess the call character it also looks great I can tell you the book is great in in open your eyes as an individual to going this isn't a knock you if you shouldn't be comfortably numb because down the road when you're not going somewhere because your employer may know or you're not eating something because your insurance company may know or you're driving a certain way because the GPS is talking to the satellite radio in your car the internet radio at people don't connect the dots and ends pretty stunning I gotta ask you before we go so what kind of digital exhausted do you put out knowing what you know so I try to be careful I'm now I'm not an addict by being lost the grades but when I signed up for something I ask myself why do I want what do I get out of it and one of my sacrifice sometimes it's worth it for example if I lose you PS in order to get someplace I realize that you're my location but it's worth it for me to be able to get to my destination but I don't use social media and there are other things I don't do because its value to me is outweighed by the risks and that's really my message to individuals you have to be mindful and weigh the upside and downside of signing up for something the book really does a great drama complaining Dallas morning exploding data reclaiming our cyber security in the digital age by Michael Chertoff of anybody knows about the stuff he does a former sec reformers security co founder and executive chairman of the Chertoff group in the Twitter's AT shirt off group the website Chertoff group dot com and thank you for coming on and thank you for the book it's really a fascinating insight and really eye opening as far as where we are now and we're moving really really quickly and we can't afford to be not greatly on the conversation thank you Michael take care talk radio seven ninety KABC KABC dependable traffic right now on the seven ten freeway self under the one oh five freeway interchange crash earlier the update from she'd be just clear but couple lane shut down for quite a time so traffic is still very slow from about Florence Avenue in Encino one one freeway westbound haven ridge Avenue an accident one of the middle lanes blocked their driving heavy from the four or five freeway in Carson for five freeway cellphone Vermont Avenue an accident three right lanes have been shut down there in traffic is still very slow from about Redondo Beach Boulevard now and north instead of the four oh five some slow going grapevine closed I five closed both directions between Castaic and grapevine road now via one one 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