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And and then you know, you you picked up on it. And then at media night before the Super Bowl. I went up the bum. And I said, hi, I I said, hi way, Dave damage Schick? And he said, hey, you don't need to introduce yourself to me. I know who you are. I want to thank you for for coming up with this idea that really meant a lot to me. And that was great. But then Gary I just got here today. And you said wait a second ace said that was his idea. No, that's not what I said check. What did you say? You said you pulled a clip. I said, yes, I said that ace, and I had a conversation and Adam wanted us to pull the clip because he thought he may have had some impeded avid, a I mean, it wouldn't it wouldn't have meant anything for me to say it into the ether him picking up and liking it is what push across the line. I had an incident doing the incident. You told me you got to play this clip. We got to see this clip. What do you mean incident about on Daves of thunder your stirring the pie? Am not stirring any pot. You told me I pulled a clip and we have the play. And I said all right, then I'll bring it up days. I thought that's what you want me to do. Never have that is early the conversation. I said we pulled the clip at Adams requesting never once adjusted. We were going to play it on the air. Oh, I thought you said you wanted to get in. Here's here's what happened recently. The play the clip recently on my own program. I was burned by bald. Bryan. Suggested that my idea out on stage at the hill were way nerve Irvine. But it. I suggested that we should take the enforcement ice as since everyone wants to polish ice, and they should change their acronym too. Nice. And then no one want to abolish them. And then Brian said, yeah. Just start with national immigration, you know, whatever customs enforcement enforcement, right and. Yeah. Nice. Who would who would cry Kamala Harris doesn't win a polish? Nice anti-american. Fac- humanum. Right. Right. So some a few weeks later, Brian did they? Yeah. Remember had that idea about calling it? Nice. And I said that that was my my deal was nice you said national, but I think that was my so I'd been burned. I say so many things I don't know what I said. And what I haven't said. All right. So be it. First of all the the overarching point is at tremendous victory for all of us. I feel like that was really great and with Wade, and this this is among great career chievements right up there with back in two thousand and seven. I got Rick new highs all MP Carol on the phone simultaneously in front of the victory bell game and convinced those two head coaches to both wear the glorious home jerseys against each other. And they did so. Wow. And they did that this is up there for me. This is up there for me. But it also reminds me when gay. Brought this up. I said, it's the there's no there's no malice on anybody's part with that kind of stuff. You explain that. And it's absolutely right. If you're in a room, and people are talking about it, and the ideas out there, you're not you're not willfully. I mean, I know they're jokes thief's in among comics and all that. But but for the most part things go into your head you hear it. You don't know that you heard like that come from? And it kind of gets away from me a little bit say. Fair to me. It was a good idea. And. He's been a belief. Like, the evil billionaire like who they gonna believe me with all my money power. Are you lose? Actually, that's exactly the dynamic. That's not an analogy. That's spot on. Me all my money. Are you with a pot belly? Well, it's a good idea. Good. Well done. You know, what I think we we all.

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