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Fake the nation episode one ninety. Hello this is faith today. Show where we talk about news. We talk about politics and where I admit that whenever I see a trending topic on twitter they don't understand it's about K. pop and I'm your host the foresaw. I WanNa Understand K pop so listeners. You have some insight about what I need to do. We need to listen to. Please help me understand. I want to know the trending topics you know you listen to. I would like K pop fans. I really am lost on K pop bands. And I'm embarrassed. Who Are you? What are you like a buck in Cape Busy anonymous over here? No okay today. We're GONNA talk about the Democratic primary candidates who would form a really weird pop band. That's kind of a little bit of a dream of mine. Walls are talking about the Harvey Weinstein verdict and finally the sentence. Let's let's make it sexy again. I'm joined by such an amazing panel. Today guys very excited over the very first time to the show. This gentleman comes so highly recommended. I just finished a listening to one of the episodes of swamp stories. That's his podcast and it was riveting fantastic. It was about dark money which is a subject at both Republicans and Democrats alike want to obliterate so like I said he's the host of swamp stories. He's a senior political. Strategist at issue. One you guys. Hey Weston thanks for having me I feel not nearly funny enough and underqualified we your ear maybe our first senior political strategist at a place. So you you're doing rural well you've had like Assistant strategist a strategy in reality. I fought a long battle. That was not even my own over the senior part of that title. There were some extremely well respected women in the reform community. Who saw me coming along now? My political life began as a kid so I can claim status was in a desert. I almost got I was I came. A percentage point away from beating incumbent Congressman Twenty seven Tennessee. That's kind of what I'm known for like. I almost did something you Buddha judge before I was I was really like almost the Republican version of ABC. Because we literally and I was like there was just a conversation the office about senior star and I was like no no no I. I can't I don't care. Don't give me that. I don't want that. And because they don't care and I was like. Oh man like I want no part of that. Best Way to get that title to say you. Don't you don't ask where? What is the reverse psychology also? A true leader doesn't understand their Palo. The voice that you're hearing talking about power is my gosh. You guys you know. She's what am I good friends. She's so funny she fucking kills in. Almost I want to just say every fucking situation. Yeah that's me. Every time situation. I hated I'm sorry. Comedian and host of the NPR. Show asked me another. She's a writer and she's just as so many fucking that she is a moth storyteller. She does so many things you know. Fear Eisenberg she. You've been awhile again. Basement to above ground customer. So you we were in a basement. Oh I guess. We're on ground every comedy club. I just assume we're entering a basement because it's that feeling of like yeah. Yeah Yeah it's limited oxygen either way all right. Let us get into topic number one okay. So Biden one big on Tuesday taking Alabama Arkansas Maine Massachusetts Minnesota North Carolina Oklahoma Texas Tennessee and Virginia Bernie One it looks like California Colorado Utah and Vermont Bloomberg One American Samoa and then he dropped out of the race and endorsed Biden. Elizabeth Warren ended up with about forty delegates and is As of this taping. Guess she's still hanging in there. She had a reassessment day yesterday. I don't know what that means SPA. She had a Sunday and she deserves it. So okay so just out the gate. Would you think of the results? Well I GUESS. Disheartening seems to be a word that you people are using a lot. Actually I think every article I read. Use The word disheartening. Even quotes from people coming in they were disheartening disheartened Many of the pundits said the word disheartened. Yeah I feel like that really had disheartened disheartening. About what about the result about Biden making this comeback? I feel like it's actually a relatable story to people almost anywhere in the political case so you saw sort of like a hometown boy makes good or has been terrible at this herbal it running for president. A lot of people don't realize that this is third time running for President in South Carolina was the first time ever WANNA state. Yeah never done it and then all of a sudden on Super Tuesday blows it out at a time. Where Yeah. It's just it's surprising. He reminds a lot of us of our GRANDPA. Who you know Joe Biden of really having lost an edge mentally. But you you change your personality. He's he's not like spry Joe Biden and he just dominated like all across the board. And I think there's something we can all see water shows in the process. Well I don't think it's all that surprising I think what's different is to learn a lesson about how we the the way the media covers these things we obsess over. What's right in front of us and everything's about Iowa and everything's about New Hampshire and these are pressure cookers that aren't representative of the whole country. Yeah very small minority populations and we stare at him for so long that we convince ourselves. Joe Biden's no good. When in fact Joe Biden getting a fine? He had a thirty point lead in South Carolina for two years from before even knew he. Was you know it had decided he was gonNA run 'til primary disheartened thing? I think comes from from my point of view in many other people that I know specially in the little bubble I live in New York City. Is that it all became about Biden and then Bernie and the women just you know I mean I again because we all know that. I'M A warn Warren person and.

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