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And they tend to access owned by climbing up to a second story door and window and smashed the glass and the inner from there Lovato five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the find your for expense involved in park on the west outside of the tent this is right before the six so five C. H. P. stop traffic to get a disabled vehicle over to the right shoulder but it's backed up traffic there from about Pacific look out in Long Beach on the eastbound side of the ninety one right forget the cherry Avenue looks like there's a ladder in the left lane there in downtown LA it's the eastbound side of the ten right before you get to central somebody dropped the table that's going to be in the left lane in Pasadena the westbound side of the two ten at Lincoln getting a crash reported there on the eastbound side the transition to the one thirty four blasts that's received he has all lanes are stopped on that connector to get a bunch of bottles out of the way that's going to back you up before you it's a mountain in industry the eastbound side of the sixty before as you said they're going to run a break there try to get a Christmas tree out of the way in Burbank that southbound side of five from Burbank Boulevard differ do go two left lanes in the Burbank Boulevard in all of our friends all shut down through the weekend and to GM at the drive from point of this step next report eleven oh five armored Smith with more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio right now fifty five degrees in Burbank sixty in Torrance sixty Mannheim eleven oh six this is mo tech on Monday number one for your business and consumer news here in southern California sponsored by opus bank I'm fine but check the new year's party continues for investors with socks extending last year's record shattering rally the Dow pumped about twenty nine thousand for the first time before pulling back a hundred thirty three points.

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