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He comes out of retirement to be their adviser to the offense of line. What happened pretty quickly it flipped right around to click. Right. So all those are Jerry, Jerry. He had to bless all those move. All started to click now, what happened just a few weeks back the nightmare Tennessee Jerry world awful, Monday night. I still haven't recovered from it and the whole world starting with Troy Aikman. And then we did it here. We just said Scott to stop right. I was beaten desk here. The next morning Jerry Jones needs to fire himself. He needs to fire his puppet coach Jason Garrett and go get a real head coach. We're all saying everybody's screaming it from the rooftops. Stop the dysfunction in Dallas, stop this management style that Jerry. Allows players to go right over Jason's head and go right to daddy. Jerry and say. Like what's happening right has been that which is Jimmy k it has been and it wasn't working until this start happening Amari comes and three players Dak Prescott in Zeki in Amari Cooper, just on intangibles intangibles they rose above the dysfunction. Right. And they lifted this team up with them in the defense sort of came of age tackling Dutchman and all those kids, and I gotta give Wilma Klay huge credit here. Because again, I didn't love late Vander just knew very little about. The receiver who Boise state. I told you I watched Josh Allen play one game against Boise. I couldn't even see double nickels fifty five in a move that doesn't get a whole lot of credit or talked about he's elected Jalen Smith in red store to be all the medical rip become this might hit hit the nerves might generate. They might not enjoy. I don't care guy to talented because if we if they do regenerate net is correct. We might have a young Ray Lewis on hand. That is correct. And that. He's violent. In the next draft. They go it looks like he's pretty good. He's a starting corner. I think he's very good. He's becoming he's got star quality and exude your woods. I wasn't sure about but he's starting safety. Do you hear much from the two safeties back there? Jeff heath. I don't love either one of them. But they get burned much doesn't seem like right and then Jordan Lewis contributed here. And there an Anthony Brown. These are all hit hit hit hit in this year. Michael Galp, look like he can play some doll Shull. Speaking of Stanford. There's another Stanford kid does he looked like he's starting to make some plays other. He's another rookie right know what defending Dallas and getting mini tacos. Okay. That's a healthy scratch could be swing and miss. But again, you're going to swing and miss. But if you hit on and off all of a sudden, you've got what looks like could be the best defensive football because they got so much depth on that defensive do. We don't even talk. Oh, okay. So here's the worst case scenario, and I have to deal with this because I've suffered for a while. The worst case would be the bottom falls out now. And somehow they lose the last three in they barely fall short in the NFC east and fall short of the playoffs. And you know, what Jerry could still do betas chest and say, yeah. But we were that close. And did you see that five game winning streak it's onward upward? And I'm saying, no, it's onward and downward because you'd go right back into the dysfunction in it would be all reinforced by that run that you had you see how good Amari was imagine. We. That's going to do that skill. But you gotta give credit because we know everything the books with him. If stars with him, he says the check there's no check going out. There's nothing going out when these moves without Jerry Jones is blessing. So he left all these moves. And I'm here, you know, what I beat him up. Give you when he's wrong. And I think he's done wrong. I'll say it. But Jerry Jones now you get one hundred percent of the credit. Can I get them Christmas on it was again?.

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