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Dot com Any time God alone, 3 28 traffic and weather on the eighth. Take it away. Dave Dill, dine traffic and weather combining on 66 over the past the 30 minutes or so, and the water that piled up against the jersey walls to slowly receding. The volume delays will remain on the Web payment. But all the lanes are passable. It's just going to be a slow rush hour at 66 many other parts of the region around the Beltway to name just a couple of places. But you want to stay on 66 west of Centerville, because on route 29 it's an overturned dump truck in the Manassas battlefield. It is just east of Bull run near one of the parking lot west of Bull run Post office road traffic is being turned around. 29 is blocked both ways. 95 South bound south of the Beltway in Springfield Call reported broken down pickup truck near 6 44 that was along the left side of the million lines. 6 44 blocked in the Rose Hill section of Fairfax County. That's when damaged power lines and trees got taken down. 6 44 just East Claremont Drive, and also some smaller neighborhood streets reported blocked as well back on 66. Walker County, westbound west of the Plains. Caller found the crash on the left shoulder and median eastbound east of 2. 45 planes crashes along the far right side. Brief delays in each case again long delays in the Beltway because of volume, traffic volume and rain volume. That's not helping either minor crashes on the Beltway Montgomery County on shoulders to 70 north north of 1 21. That crash should be on the shoulder. 95 Baltimore Washington Parkway volume delays between the Beltway's no major incidents reported. The crash on route to south out of South River between Edgewater Annapolis is clear at the Bay Bridge. Eastbound good, westbound heavy. Two lanes open westbound across the westbound span of the Bay Bridge. Dave Golden. W T o p. Travel, right, David. We have the heavy weather moving up from the south. Right now, though, it's throwing off some pop up storms. A lot of it here in the W T o p Listening area. Big storm right now in Loudoun County to the north of Ashburn, Ashburn, actually north of Leesburg, also some heavy rain all through. Montgomery County and up toward Baltimore and the Northwest and Northeast DC now getting pummeled with some heavy rain. We'll have more from Matt Ritter coming up as we look at Tropical Storm Elsa right now we're at 83 in the nation's capital, and it's 3 30. This is w T. O p your source for today's top news, traffic and weather. Always connected and constantly updated in your car at home at work and on the girl. W T O p Never miss a moment afternoon. I'm Sean Anderson. I'm Hillary Howard. Mike Jack itis is our producer coming up breaking this afternoon. President Biden says the U. S mission in Afghanistan will end August 31st Tropical Storm.

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