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To Dr got it through. But he couldn't catch a clean to shoot it. And then he's tripped up by O'Reilly and Ryan Riley is gonna get a penalty. And head into the penalty box given the kings their first power play of the hockey game. Ninety one of the challenges that Rob Blake Baz Jovic. Elliot's. Do you clear some cap space and make some room for some young speed? Because it's still hasn't really been there problem beat has. Yeah, we'll speak to and you know, because you're fighting out that the salary cap you're going to eat guys that are willing to play the league minimum to to come up here and have an impact on on the on the gaming up until that point. So Rob Blake and figure out what what he's gonna do. Because you're right. He has an older veterans in this lineup. They're not getting any younger and they're starting to slow down quite a bit. It's a fast game O'Reilly in the box for tripping. LA will go to their first power play of the game rattler pest control penalty kill number one for the blues. In the circle the puck goes behind the net delight sick, he mishandled it for portraying. Stick candles to it and still finds a way to clear the zone. Terrific job. Shielding the puck with his body is life is trying to get to translate keep swiveling swerving. Protect gets it on a stick and a good two hundred foot clear gowdy the near wing not a global jockeys got nine of his thirty points on the power play. They couldn't enter now they do and it's Brown coming down the near way. Muhtar along the boards. Trying to go behind the net and around the wing abroad centers for so got a piece to knock it to the wall global Chuck bans on it. Barbara chef jumps up to Russians dig for the puck. And it's backed by the king's COPA KTAR that number eleven goes over the line. Put it over to the far Wang and up to the blue line doughty brings it over to Kobo. Chuck. And on the near wing.

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