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But one that's devastating a Croft and family today after a woman was killed by a tree that fell onto her Maryland home A giant tree fell all across the backyard of this home on farlow avenue and Croft and slicing through a bedroom on the far side of the home just before 9 last night It is a big tree And it left a substantial amount of damage inside the home Debris is still scattered around the yard the top half of a chimney now a pile of bricks Russ Davies with the end run will county fire department says it took about an hour and 45 minutes for firefighters to stabilize the home Get to her and then get her freed By then she had passed away It's very unusual because the rest of the house as you would imagine almost appears to be untouched Right now this appears to be a wind driven accident and Croft and John dome in WTO P news New data shows lower income neighborhoods in the district are experiencing more traffic deaths than in the city's wealthiest neighborhoods The Washington Post analyzed 8 years of data from the D.C. Department of Transportation and found that ward 7 and 8 which largely have black residents bore the brunt of traffic fatalities and is home to the city's deadliest traffic corridor There were 40 traffic fatalities in the nation's capital last year which was the most that D.C. has had since 2007 Nearly one in 5 traffic deaths last year took place in ward 7 and 8 By contrast ward three which is home to the city's whitest and wealthiest neighborhoods had zero traffic deaths last year Officials believe the pandemic is in part to blame for some of the unsafe driving Happening at this hour the D.C. council was taken a look at a bill that would give D.C. residents a $100 a month to use on smart trip eligible transit like metro The amount would be replenished every month up to a $100 but could not be used to pay for parking Residents getting other transit subsidies such as federal employee benefits would not be eligible The program is expected to cost between 54 and a $150 million a year Money to fund it would come from revenue that exceeded projections the subsidy would be rolled out gradually beginning with residents with the lowest incomes and moving gradually toward those with the highest ten of 13 council members support the bill Folks who live and work in Alexandria will soon have more options when it comes to broadband Internet The Alexandria city council is set to approve two franchisees to operate broadband Internet service on cables the city is installing in its right of way until now the only option has been Comcast vice mayor Amy Jackson says the company's ting and Loomis commit to operating through a racial and social equity lens The more wealthy side I'll say it of the city doesn't get something that other sides of this great city need And don't get The final vote will be march 12th Nia law can stay in wt news It's 1207 C three AI is solving previously unsolvable problems in mission critical defense and intelligence challenges Learn more at C three AI C three AI This is enterprise AI Inspiration grows here the capital remodeling garden show February 25th.

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