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The rap game. I'm really big on cultivating the culture here and building something here. We've never had nothing in Vallejo. And like so many of his legendary Bay Area rap predecessors, la Russell is innovating the game as well. The idea here was to build a venue that we own. Subscribe to baker and on the Odyssey app or wherever you get podcasts. Humanity has been shaped by moments in which one person approached a crowd with something important to say. I'm John meacham, and this is it was said season two, a creation and production of C 13 originals, a cadence 13 studio in association with the history channel. It was said season two, listen and subscribe for free on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. Coming up on kcbs more on how Matt man took the title of San Jose's new mayor, case CBS News time 1245. Sports line sponsored by RingCentral, the global leader in cloud communication and collaboration solutions, all tied up U.S. and Wales here, Steven. Yes, and before we get to what just happened after about 35 minutes with no score, the U.S. would get their first World Cup goal in 8 years. Pulisic has way a political way. John strong on the call for Fox that was Tim weah with his first World Cup goal at 22 years old, but now as the game is in the 85th minute whales answered back with the goal of their own, it is currently now tied one one after a penalty kick and that penalty was conceded by walker Zimmerman, so right now the U.S. and Wales are tied at one one and they currently have about ten minutes left in the match. Now as for the warriors, they traveled to Houston last night with an zero 8 record on the road and they finally get that road win. Curry fights

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