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It's even four and cookies court syndicated. So check your local listing. Thank you so much. You're being here short notice. Okay. Thank you for having me such an exciting day, you had less than seven notice. I mean, you've got your quick. If you wanna follow CJ CJ Licey j. a. y. l. y. f. e. c. j. going up to earn villains known county this weekend. I know nice looking for into it by the pool. I want to go by the river drain. Hang out. Yeah, a lot of fun up there. Boy on Twitter and I m Nikki Boyer on Instagram. Malone is thanks. Malone also you can listen to. It's a gay gay, gay, gay podcasts. Right. Thank you. And under the bus with z podcast, homo. Jay, underscore Rodriguez underscore and I am Hello Ross on all social media. The show was Hello Russ pod. Modify 'em check up off the block every Friday as well. Merson I doing on Facebook, our big brother after show brother. You like the show q. together, much to all of you and think you so much everybody was he you next week many. Any. This summer on NBC parks and rec stars, Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman are expertly crafting televisions, ultimate creative competition making it. It's a show that believes creativity lives inside all of us, and there's no better way to express yourself in by making something by hand. Watch eight, talented artists compete for one hundred thousand dollars, and they'll be judged by the hilarious do of Amien, Nick, at least one of them knows how to make things. I mean, Nick is actually built things out of wood. He's a master would maker who owns a woodworking shop. Hello and aiming may not know about crafting. She may not know a rotary cutter from pizza cutter, but what she lacks in crafting experience. She certainly makes up for in them which means making it will be the funniest as well as

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