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Second outbreak of severe weather across the region in less than a week, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is calling on the house to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Trump in a tweet Friday, the democratic presidential hopeful reference special counsel, Robert Muller's final report. She said the severity of misconduct demands that elected officials. And both parties set aside political considerations and do their constitutional duty the group behind the Oscars has no need for Roman. Polanski the academy of Motion Picture Arts and sciences is standing by its decision to expel the director. Ba- Lansky fled America for France more than forty years ago after admitting to unlawful sex with a minor Friday Polanski filed papers asking Los Angeles judge to restore his membership. The Oscar winner argues he wasn't given a fair hearing planning and actor Bill Cosby were expelled from the academy last year. You're listening to the latest from NBC News Radio the rector for Notre Dame cathedral has a computer glitch may have been the cause of the mass of fire on Monday rector Patrick show. Vay did not elaborate on the glitch. But added that investigators may find out what happened in two or three months. Investigators said they think electrical short-circuit most likely caused the fire Indiana University in Bloomington is trying to. Contain a mumps outbreak in versity spokesperson. Chuck Carney says while it's relatively small the school is taking all precautions proactive as we can be reminding students that if they feel fixed eight home and avoid contact with others seventeen cases of mums were confirmed at the school this month and nine of those cases are linked to one fraternity Kearney says the county health department set up a clinic in that fraternity and more than half received additional booster vaccines. San Francisco ficials urging the expected tens of thousands of four twenty marijuana event goers to my only from licensed shops. Joe McConnell reports. The warning was issued in hopes of avoiding last year's overdoses about a dozen people were hospitalized after unknowingly consuming. Cannabis products laced with the synthetic opioid fennel San Francisco supervisor valley Brown's product sold on the black market can be laced with all kinds of deadly substances. Police and paramedics plan to be there equipped with Narcan which can counteract. Opioid overdoses as people descend on the Sharon meadows area of Golden Gate park, which is widely known as hippie hill. A mother will spend thirty days in jail for running over her son in school parking lot. Michigan a judge yesterday. Sentenced Tiffany Cuza cow ski after she pleaded guilty to reckless driving causing series injury for running over her nine year old boy in Belmont, Grand Rapids, last December.

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