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The hot and again you know me well so well let me explain you what happened next 'cause i was at an eight there i ends interest in the shower and a hadn't yet erupted be but i do i was at an eight so i opened up the fridge to see what's in there if there is a frigate jr of rag do from 1974 autographed by fran tarkenton and on you know so i opened up the frigid see i'm scope and in the back that's where my elbow comes in contact with the brand new pike the blueberries that i just picked up at public to knows blueberries all they take a mighty fall from free stories up and decide half of them are going to scatter all over the floor now i don't know if you love blueberries as much as i and be known domestic blueberries make when they hit the floor it substantial so i got that going on and at that point in time because i heard that the shower water i i let loose a mother effort like you wouldn't have believed buying my neighbors had to hear this the berries over the whole thing south i didn't have the right sauce it's daddy makes dinner night and i don't have those sauce to make his favorite damn meal plus he got straight he's on his report card yesterday so he certainly deserves his favorite damn meal and here i am is the dad who was leading dow tremendously did you order pizza i thought about it but i had the sausage cooking already i had the vegetables warming and i and i said okay volga go to the pantry there's tomato paste all right that's an element of sauce yes a star there's diced tomatoes now there's there's tomato sauce combined tomato sauce tomato paste what's that garlic salt sure why not as that paprika it absolute throat whenever spy white pepper black all the pedal and all an throw it all in their mix it all up decided not going to inform him that i don't have his favorite sauce because if i.

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