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The time people lose the job zoltan can happen anywhere people appoint crap all the time i mean what i what i read column of people don't want people to lump the com don't want the count to just go on me to go away now i'm going to not have a job i will totally sis ass people on twitter who now if i tweets something are column whatever they see see the boston herald in my boss in what we get in trouble greely jesus what a what the hell caraway's zappile lives you'd little nazis racists so hey had alana's lines sam harris the marriage is a big go left the liberal the podcast guy he doesn't a job he's a smart guy ed but he has been affected he got the fever after the election so he is affected scott atoms you probably know from dylber problem both on twitter scott out adams is the secretive dilbert luke comic strip from from the '80s '90s i guess we never into it my brother was a man could i never had a job that high up on my childhood lifting boxes them throwing tables on linda but anyway these guys are on the same hand and foot is him harris park called waking up and they have this talk about donald trump and he talked about the sam harris tried to get his mind around how scott atoms who's a trump supporter how he can possibly like him and so good adams has been saying for years now that trump is extremely persuasive and his messaging is unlike that of anybody else and in any way he's usually impressed with them so skew sam harris whose who hates trump has this customs credit adams about this adam has come of slow whoa whoa whoa voice little corner look lose soames little bit younger things i think of some starts officer senators or that isis emmer says he'll rolypoly voice as is my favorite edison harris right here on the spark as i guess let's focus on a master persuader idea because of this here's the movie i am in her youth said that trump is the greatest persuader you've ever seen the same harrison talking to scott adams the trump supporter think you're she wrote i think i've assad is not in a block host of yours.

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