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You more coming up at five forty five at five forty every pro on the job as a go to latter day exclusive twenty three foot gorilla multi position ladder combines all the letters you need in one it's also the first multi position ladder with the project top cap let you hang your tools right where you need them where you work and the only place you can go for this lad is the home depot the gorilla twenty three foot multi position ladder only at home depot dot com how do I get more done it wasn't stroke simply put is a blockage of one year major arteries in your brain most likely in the middle cerebral artery which is the main branch that comes from inside your brain one uses some patients are able to survive a stroke and others are not I'm Jim Metzner and this is the pulse of the planet and we would hope that other branches that connect to that main tree could provide restoration of blood flow to that main branch to help the tissue kind of recover Dr Michele C. assistant assistant professor in the college of veterinary medicine at Virginia Tech when you have a stroke the brain tissue is starved of nutrients and oxygen which the blood vessels normally supply when those blood vessels become blocked oxygen glucose things like that are no longer available for neural activity to occur without glucose and oxygen our brains and neurons begin dying of patients can go on conscious or go into a coma but ultimately the neurons that die are unable to provide important body functions such as our movement her leg movement so patients can become paralyzed as one consequence of stroke the focus of my research is to understand how the blood vessels become blocked in the brain are able to repair after this blockage the vessel this blockage in some patients allows other aspects of the blood vessels to become active so we can reroute blood flow from a different branch tree branch of a blood vessel if you can think of them as a bridge between two roads if one road becomes congested with traffic you're able to by pass that broke through a different route it's.

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