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My guess is that he's not. Who knows were just putting words in his mouth, but we're not sure if he was happy with the direction that this brand was going in it does seem to sort of dilute some of the value of one plusses of all offering, right? Right I mean I I like the the really cheap and one hundred I. I can see that come in two hundred bucks in the United States. the N. ten, five G. Just makes me wish that they would have. Just released the regular Nord here, and even if they had to change, you know the cellular radios in it. and. People would have been more than willing to spend a little bit extra on it. It's just I think without touching either of them. I think it's going to be a better phone than either of the ones we see here in the states. Yeah. I I. Agree with that. Wholeheartedly I don't I. I really wish that we have just gotten the Noord instead of them having to make new models. That may or may not be as good as the regular Nord. COMES DOWN TO. Five G. as well. Right like the Nord. Yeah. The the. Nord en ten probably has to have some carrier. Considerations and they're they're talking about the fact that it might be available at carriers the new the snapdragon six ninety is interesting. It's. got. Creo, it's gotTa Cry Cry Oh course of cry of five sixty. which is a big improvement over the snapdragon six, seventy five, which was cry four sixty. This is the first six hundred series chip with a Cortex a seventy seven. Core And it's it's really like it's mainly just the fact that the. GPA is pretty underpowered, right if you're really looking into game, this might not be the the phone for you. It's a ports substance, five G. up to two point, five gigabits, which is not bad. Right, it's not the four gigabits that you get on the on the. The seven, sixty, five series, but it's it's fine and overall it's built on an eight nanometer process. So it's it's more efficient than the other six hundred series chips that we've used before it's going to be. This is going to be a very popular mid-range phoned mid-range chat and we're going to get a lot in the next few months. Nip. GonNa bet there's a substantial cost savings between it and the the new seven hundred theory chips that are. Going slowly, trickle out. Yeah. It's. It's. It seems like it definitely makes sense why they're doing this qualcomm has been. Criticized, for kind of increasing costs of phones this year by. Stuffing justice offering five G. ensue phones that don't need it. But this does not seem like it will inflate that pricing to too much. The N one hundred is also interesting. One hundred, seventy, nine pounds we're looking at under two hundred dollars a snapdragon four sixty. Don't know a ton about that one but it that worries me a little. I want to try that one because it might be enough and it might not. It's. It's one of those chips that just teeters on the edge. So. I really WANNA check that one out and shoot at the price. It's a you know we I expect it's going to come out you know..

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