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The Brian Lehrer show on WNYC good morning everyone on a day when the Senate will take its final impeachment trial vote I always Democratic Party may or may not finally released its full caucus results and there is a state of the union address to react to or tear up your own copy if you want to follow speaker policies lead our first guest today is relevant to all these things New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand is a juror in the impeachment trial was a candidate in the presidential race and was in the joint session of Congress for the speech thanks for coming on such a consequential day senator welcome back to W. NYC thanks so much for having me is the state of the union in twenty five seconds from the start of the president's speech and will invite you to react our borders are secure our families are flourishing our values are renewed our pride is restored and for all of these reasons I say to the people of our great country and to the members of Congress this state of our union is stronger than ever before shows senator Joe brand is the state of our union stronger than ever before I would not have given him such high marks I thought he unfortunately he lied a lot during the speech she told a lot of things to the American people that simply weren't true stuff about the economy stuff about people who have come off food stamps stuff about energy independence stuff about pre existing conditions it was really a very defensive speech and it seem to me to be much more of a campaign rally take speech then a proper state of the union I was deeply offended when he gave the medal of honor to Rush Limbaugh I thought that was very inappropriate and I really didn't like how he treated immigrants I thought that was extremely defensive and then just he made a lot of statements that just weren't true we fact checked a bunch of stuff last night and at least five or six claims were just through the fall and we could such at the president's claims all day and the news programs on the station are doing it to suffice to say for the moment that he took credit for many things in the economy and claim they were reversals from president Obama when really they're continuations of the exact same trends that have been under way for a decade but let.

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