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Derek Jarman with murder in the second degree the charges against their shopping now added to the initial charge of third degree murder the three other Minneapolis police officers involved now also facing felony charges of aiding and abetting murder in the second degree during a virtual town hall former president Obama addressed whether voting over protest is the way to press for the need to address racial injustice this is not a war this is a bold thing a full autopsy was released today indicating the George Floyd tested positive for covert nineteen in April but appeared a symptomatic I'm Bob Cusack warning about abuse of power in division former defense secretary James Mattis blasted president trump's handling of the Floyd protests and trump's inability to unite the country in difficult times he calls it an abuse of executive authority that we witnessed in Lafayette square that's a quote from the first trump secretary of defense James Mattis speaking to the Atlantic man this concludes Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people does not even pretend to try Bob Costantini Washington protests continue nationwide after charges were amended in connection with the death of George Floyd in New York City there were some clashes with police in Brooklyn that led to several arrests and at least one officer injured a five point five magnitude earthquake struck near ridgecrest shaking parts of southern California this evening there's been no immediate word of damage or casualties and legislation to add new flexibility to a corona virus relief program for small business is.

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