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Show. So now, Michelle Michelle, and I are back. I get a kick out of saying that for our weekly recommendation and this week. It's Michelle G stands for Goldberg's turn, Michelle. What do you have for us? Okay. So this is sort of obvious because the show is aimed like a laser at my very particular demographic. But I am going to recommend the new Netflix show Russian doll with the sublime Natasha Leone, and it sort of is like a more darker groundhog day in certain ways Natasha Leone keeps dying and ending up back in this bathroom at her thirty six birthday party, and she sort of trying to figure out what is happening to her. And what she has the power to change. If I heard that description, I wouldn't necessarily want to watch it. But I just it's so funny and delightful, I mean, just partly because she. She is so wonderful people who really love New York, and I count myself as one of them I feel like we'll see it as one of the more offensive New York shows it's ever been made. I mean, it just gets the texture of the city in a way that a lot of New York based shows don't release the texture of the city as I've as I've lived it. Yeah. I have to completely agree with you. I have been watched the whole thing. So I just went crazy with it has this great feel to it. If you just describe it is like, okay. So it's groundhog without the comedy or whatever. But it's not in. It's a great showcase for tasha Leone. Who is fantastic. She has this kind of over the top stick, which at one point. She describes herself as what would be the love child of Andrew dice clay in the little girl from brave, and that's actually kind of. So I think that Ross should go out and completely in indulge himself. And you know, I also I also say is just it's so again, maybe this is like a really predictable survey Shen, but I just love the fact that you have this show about a woman in her mid thirties that sort of like an existential detective show as opposed to you know, like a romantic quest. I feel like you don't really get a show about a woman. That's not really in any real sense about her love life. Yeah. It's she's completely driving this train. And she's if anything she's the unromantic person in this thing as opposed to this guy who's in it, and she is just brilliant with the whole thing. The show is called Russian doll. It's on Netflix. Thank you, Michelle. And Michelle that's our show for this week. Thank you. Bye. This week show was produced by Alex Laughlin for transmitter media and edited by lacy Roberts. Our executive producer is credit cone, and we had help from Tyson Evans Phoebe let Ian Persad Philbrick and Francis gang. And our theme was composed as always by Allison Leyton Brown. Fantastic. All right. We're gonna we're gonna quake we're gonna take a quick break.

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