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Hello and welcome back to Romania as we celebrate the first step in the Brexit as crusaders back to the good old days with all the European Union landrover Jack, you're on the three day week. They had to be applying to close many for a month at the end of March can powerful fried spam shelf bikes, white dog puja far behind my name's Harrison. I'm your host today. It's a special show because we are welcoming apron, new regular to remain ex. She's a comedian actress, obsessive remain Accu premiered heroin, Brexit inspired, show speech in the next election. The end speech at last year's Edinburgh festival. She was born in Germany, so she's very much and hunt camp when it comes to freedom of movement for EU citizens and after legendary appearances as Osco doctor who we are still unsure if she's on us, which he refuses to reveal. I love all that will come to the show. V. here Palumbo, please, dental and Yugo start with bullying. That's yes. Yes. Have you joining the a fulltime regularly ready to commit full-time g frontline ING? What's I've been doing it for us in my dressing gown. My still didn't company. Well, we because we vet our panel very carefully. We've been monitoring Twitter, feed, joined the roll up to your debut. Brexit is degenerating into a game of Russian dolls, Goldman's Brexit Plum torpedo by small factions within party those factions Brexit plans torpedoed by even small factions at the end. We'll be left with the very tiny rees-mogg wearing Bouche kid. Gee, whiz. We supposed one very useful retweets any government with the necessary competence to deliver Brexit wouldn't. That's that for me, sums up in nugget. Have you been impressed with the negotiating pro essence? You were guests on the show in the summer? Well, since I was, I think we've had check his and the exodus of cabinets and the appointment of Dominic Robb who he, he asked us to excuse his, his lack of laser like focus on the on the on the detail. So yes, but impressed. I've been reading about Xtreme sweating this in before the camera, sweat don't lie. Also with us is an dont editor of politics, dot co dot UK. I met my new see on the daily newspaper reviews with his head in his hands. Hello, Ian, how you doing? Hello? Very well. Did you enjoy remaining alive last week? Parts of all? Pinal. Really lucky when we go that he'd come from Sweden for the show. Yeah, that was amazing. Lovely. That thing was just on testing tackle of his family in Birmingham. After you say crews, like did I. All right. Yeah, that doesn't sound. Citing show, particularly say making you explain how you'll personal heroes would have dealt with Brexit Alex Jones from Star Trek. Now with Charles Kennedy, which is very moving, it wasn't. It was touching islands. Dorian shows, Giorgio will obviously, and you have John Stuart mill. We'll try to stay go Dory and took it. He's dibs on since he started writing Ziff, rushing a book about something should be. Terrible. It was particularly good audience questions. Also, particularly hall breaking for women of German heritage, asking Alex Greek, you know, why should people like staying supply was when I'm not going to this goes through it was really good thing where I mean, you're thinking entirely auditory, right? No, I just the idea that this whole stupid prices result in people actually saying salt, this is incredibly well back and done. Kim, everyone pretty room and me and my wife. We both work at the Royal free hospital and we're leaving tomorrow to Germany, whatever. And it was like it was almost this moment where like the people in the public, did you pay them to come say this? It was perfect and kept today's thing, but it was real. It was legit and you do see over and over when you do events that people who have from Europe, they're not waiting system is it's more general sensitive if the country is gonna, stop behaving like I am a problem. Why in the.

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