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More was your cruise to the Caribbean? Look back at white players hairstyles in the early two thousands. It is problematic. But that I mean the first time we so we went to do something if the Boston marathon for Brooks running shoes in they had like this fan experience vet re like the night before the bus marathon. And so when we were done we call our people at major league baseball. We're like we're here who was was the where the cardinals playing no who is playing someone was playing so funny because they were using by seven and then the yeah. And then they came back and tied it, but I mean, we go into Fenway first of all just like behind home plate walking up like a steep ramp. Like just right up into the field. Come over the back in our seats by home plate Heino just to see that field assigned feature of any of any ballpark on the planet. It is when you come out of that dark tunnel into that explosion of color, and I got to see a lot of cool decisions got made in one of them was the way we the tunnels, and we would light the tunnels a certain way that would emphasize the. Pop is a green on your eyes. When it when it came out in the Red Sox owned that. I'm sure you know, that's owned the trademark for that shade of green. Do they really play? Yes. For Fenway green that family green is proprietary for the Red Sox. They're broad Dugan paints has a Fenway green that they have to pay for no one else has it. Nobody nobody can else companion. I want my car what my cutlass Sierra. But what my daughter's room to be Louis Tian is gonna show up at your doorstep with handcuffs, your green monster. That is that's amazing. And like so specific to that. I we really feel like to me the three best ballparks in the country are Fenway Wrigley and a AT and T the about bell, or whatever, it's agree. But you know, what I think is I after the Red Sox has been two years working at the dodgers. And it was a. It was a nightmare. I don't know if I was in the nightmare as the mcchord ownership they were the guy in the middle of the divorce. We all got fired in the you like running between house to house and like, yeah. Pick. My wife's driving to the Ivy. I show follow. Her was literally like, it's like employs were involved in the divorce. I shall her. All right. I shouldn't say anything, but it's so long ago. But like they were forty say, you got gotta say this. Bad people shitty. Rich people they they were they were the shittiest rich. They were the shittiest and the richest and she's Trump. She know what Jamie mcchord is now. She's the embassador for Trump to France. I think can you do that. And somebody can someone fact check me fact, check. But I mean MC Jamie mccart is the ambassador and didn't she like they needed the Foxtail just to get the mccord's out that was it that US ambassador. France is ridiculous crash dummy. She was a bad. She's that's a person has. And she was democrat when it was convenient. And she she doesn't have a single set of scruples scruples. I couldn't. Yes, she scrupulous. Somebody will have scruple no scruple. So let me ask you this scrupulous that I was gonna say Dodger Stadium. Low key one of the best ballparks. I love road and say that grow group that girl van a whole field. Just literally doing wraps on call tagger scrupulous that girl B's scruple. I love Dodger Stadium to I actually feel like the outfield..

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