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That's promo code CL and S 50. Bet online, where the game stack. That's where the game stats. You know, it's funny. I keep pointing at the camera and stuff. And I don't know if people can tell. I have a cut on my finger, and I have two other cuts in here. I am okay. Golf, by the way, is not new to me, but I'm not a seasoned vet. I don't play a ton. I play a couple times a year. First time playing golf this year, driving range was gripping the clubs too tight and tore this hand apart. So I am fighting through it. This is like, you know, this is playoff hockey over here. Just fighting through the hand pain. Barely type in, just fighting to send off the tweets, just ridiculous. At least you're holding yourself accountable 11. It's good to see you. Yes. Oh, yes. Oh, a 100%. No. It's all me, baby. That's my fire. You're not firing the instructors of the driving range. I'm firing the driving range. They're done. They're overwhelmed. They're firing. Breaking all my clubs, new grips, all that stuff. Speaking of new coaches, the bruins are searching for one. And Joe MacDonald reported earlier this week the 5 candidates, David Quinn, Spencer carbery, Jim Montgomery, Jay Lee, I'm doing this off the top of my head, and there was Joe Sacco, Joseph was the other. A sack of Steve is kind of more like a, you know, hey, we're gonna do this because we're being nice, you know, you're an assistant. Of course, you're gonna get the chance, but you're not high on the list. Type thing. But we're all kind of figuring out and we'll get to who of the 5 were most intrigued by. But what are the bruins looking for in a new coach, aside from a new voice? 'cause I keep stacking all these guys up against Cassidy. There's only one. I mean, there's two younger ones that I look at and say, okay, they have potential. But some of the others, you know, David Quinn is tough to tell, you know, you saw him in New York summit, but you he's good. I don't know if we can sit here and say he's an official officially an upgrade over Cassidy. You know, Jim Montgomery is sort of the same thing. It's tough to tell Joe Sacco for sure isn't an upgrade. So like that's the tough part. Is it's not like you're going into a broken situation. It's not like, you know, you had a really bad coach. Cassidy was terrific. Jack Adams winner. So I don't know what, like, what are they looking for aside from just the new voice?.

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