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Set aside valuable timber for a little bird on the endangered species list as comas pete combs reports a lot of representatives from timber country see this as a bird too far house republican leader dan christians represents timber country a northern washington he says jobs have become scarce schools are scrambling for money and families are being torn apart because so much timberland has been set aside for the endangered spotted owl and here's the catch we set aside locked at all up not allowing anybody to go in their case i what i expire outcomes by a visit i mean there has never been one there now democratic representative mark chapman as proposed a bill that would create an over i committee as the department of natural resources moves to protect another endangered bird the marbled mural at by now there five hundred thousand acres have been set aside for twenty years it is my hope that actually we may actually have it less acres set aside moving forward but republicans i christian center angrily opposed to the measure and chapin says he doesn't understand why he says his bill would prevent more job losses after angry debate the measure passed the house but as likely to run into similar opposition in the senate at the state capital pete combs komo news companies tiny 34 and aaa traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's with mark lamb we cleared the crash on hohmann road and greenwood avenue that had locker right westbound lay seattle's they would nine nine south in colombia's three rope room wave you still have roadwork reducing lanes phil five am also and identify come i north roadwork near fifty these 6'3 south this traffic report is brought to you by the phillips law for if you or a loved one had been injured in a car accident call phillips lauper today for free case evaluation call one eight hundred justice or visit justice for u dot com it actually.

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