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I already talked you up enough. How you've stepped over so many people at rota world to get to the position that you're in and now trying to push Evan Silva side. I admire the hustle. Hopefully guys, this doesn't turn into something. Like, my parents, call me at nine thirty pm asked me how to work there, a remote control for the television talk. I thought testing with you. What does that mean that they're going to try to listen to this podcast? I don't I don't quite file. No, no, as they don't understand, you know, updated modern. Oh, and we don't and you're saying as simpleton don't understand what's going on with the test. Now, you're pretty much right? I mean, the title of this segment is combine takeaways. We don't have a strong grasp on Josh Nora stunts, your with with Chris Wesseling and Mark Cecil as well. Josh. Hey, Josh, whatever trio I was just telling all of our listeners that disruption equals production. Is that a judge Norris original? It is I it was much Debbie uncloudy article back in the day back when you know, he was getting knocked for his sacks. And I'm sure you guys talk about that all the time. How sexually aren't the Indo be all, but we. We're talking about Brandon Brandon Graham's new deal that he's a disruption equals production guy. They were go and back at South Carolina clowney like he was the only one getting four yards in the backfield. The quarterback could just move around and avoid his his lines the quarterback. So that's where it's Russian equals production. Wow. It's great to get the etymology here. Very the creator himself. Yeah. I don't know what you think we're going to talk about here. Josh because I did ask you. Hey, is there any names? You wanna you wanna talk about before the show, and then you sent me like a four part. Breakdown of why the the measurements that you use superior to the ones that are often talked about, and frankly it went over my head. I just kind of wanted to hear like well at the combine or not like pretend like you're speaking to total simpleton, I just wanna know like oh as well. Pretend like Rashawn Gerry. Like, what do you think about Rashawn, Gary? Aren't you a little worried he didn't produce it all after watching? There's only a handful of times in my life. I'll be able to talk to the hero. So I I would try to put my best step forward. My best full word, and and do my best in this regard. So okay. Well, you're off to a great start. Can I ask about some specific? I I think the best way to start this conversation, but I kind of take control here. Greg. As to kind of explain why in my opinion, the come by matters. Like why that's the matter. Okay. Because back in before like twenty fifteen I didn't think it mattered at all. But because it's kind of how the combine is is broadcast and some ways where for four days, it's you know, forty yard dashes and their position drills. Right. So we all kind of equate athleticism to a forty yard dash when really there's six or seven other tests that can be factored into someone's f- at profile, right? And then combine that with weight because there's a major difference, and you know, one hundred eighty four pound receiver running a four four five versus two hundred twenty five receiver running a four four five. Right, right. I'm kinda gives you a composite score. And that composite score allows you to compare across decades and across players at the same position as well. So who like who stuck out? Who is like towards the top of the draft, for instance, to use your example, actually, decay Metcalf. Everyone was talking about his performances weekend. But then I saw like a no about how his three cone drill was actually worse than Tom. Brady's three cone drill that here is the most athletic amazing freak you've ever seen. But actually in this in this measurement. He was worse than two thousand Tom Brady. So how what do you? How do you put that all together? What's your take away from other? Yeah. And let me first say that at least for me evalu-, like watching games is the most important piece of evaluation. But if we can just like add tools toolbox to hopefully, improve valuations hit on players at multiple days of the draft..

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