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Jim Beaver, Polaris Razor, American Forces Network discussed on The Down and Dirty Show


Thanks for tuning into the down and dirty radio show available live online in syndication on networks across the US and available internationally on the American Forces Network. Welcome back here to the general tire down under the show powered by Polaris Razor. I know we've been a little bit different formats past couple of weeks. I know we missed last week. kind of just figuring out the structure the show but I can tell you from here. On out the duration we will have weekly shows whether tune in on siriusxm channel. Eleven Dan Patrick Radio Ten. Am Pacific on Sundays. Sports BYLINE USA AMERICAN FORCES NETWORK APPLE PODCAST under to show dot com or a podcast. One we got you covered but Yeah thanks to thanks to Alex Rossi. Big Things to Toby Price That was kind of a best of Chris. Leoni said I racing is where it's out we get some big stuff cranking on our stuff You know on our East sports team will still be continuing to podcast in a project action. This week at Chino. Braxton you got to know this guy is going to be part of a charm. City kings new movie coming out that Will Smith is Directing and producing So it's yeah guys amazing wheelies on dirt bikes for days. You WanNa hit up that interview. I'll have the same uncut probably This interview Eurocity will be uncut next week and project action. Also got an offroad addition from the mid four hundred we gotta add up and get dropped so lots of content on our front social media channels. It's at Jim beaver. Fifteen down and dirty show dot com all the content whether it be written or audio and even a little bit of eeo content here and there and Try something a little different with the show to and start dropping this thing on facebook as a video so we'll see how that works out anyways. Thank you guys for continuing to support us Big Shot to general tire. Polaris Razor Vision. We'll rigid industries dirt fish optimus and all of all of our as partners dirt fish. It's at Jim beaver. Fifteen Jim beaver fifteen. Get you a fifteen percent discount at Derek Fisher House. Go make sense right. Jim beaver fifteen boom fifteen percent off a dirt fish. I like the sound of that anyways. Thank you guys. Be Safe out there seriously. Stay home and Enjoy your family. Be Save out there because I want you tune in for many many years to come right here on the general tire down and dirty radio powered by Polaris Razor. Got Guest suggestions or anything. You want me to talk about though definitely definitely hit me up at at Jimmy Rift. I am active on social media right now just like everybody else is and I would love to hear from you guys all right for real signing off this time be safe and we'll see you next week right here on the show..

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Jim Beaver, Polaris Razor, American Forces Network discussed on The Down and Dirty Show

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