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LeBron agrees to a two year contract extension with the Lakers Worth $85 million and tonight Big one. Houston, sending Russell Westbrook to Washington in exchange for John Wall and a first round pick everything else seeing blogged form for you. It's free. You go to 700 wlw calm. I have Bangles video of this date. 1984 Anthony Munoz catching a touchdown. The Bengals beating the Browns. You can watch that you could hear Phil Samp. On the call as well. That's cool, and I've written about what we will discuss. Next. That is to steal a line from Gamble and Finn. It is your reality check for this Red's off season and the state of the franchise that is in blogged form. It'll be delivered in a verbal form. Next is we continue its Ukraine sports talk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet. Your reaction. Good One gone. Kyle. Farmer gone. Curt Casali gone. Archie Bradley gone five Reds non tender tonight. The free for all of walking away from players is underway in Major League Baseball will discuss the ramifications as we continue. With you Create sports talk Presented by Kelsey Chevrolet 700 wlw. Rest. Hopper. I have another lesson for you. Okay, Willie, let her rip weakness prevails over strength, gentleness conquers become the calm breeze that tames the violence. See? I have no idea what you're talking about. Your journey of enlightenment begins with Bill Cunningham tomorrow at 12 noon on 700 wlw..

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