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The tape fifteen cory lopez the sandwich sworn lobster as lay i'm kuna koogle it right now have an answer free at eight twenty plus corolla the all star break is almost over the rockies get a real shot in the arm in their hunt for rock teuber 20 hall of fame baseball already tracy wrinkles me to be last night on rockies react he's with mlb dot com of course and talk to us about the shot new york the chad but his could have if you give us food good dole going you got a lot of short i think emotional lift would hurt us because we fix it such a great guy to improve it just it just picks up spiritual the cowboy mention outfielder david dole who is actually playing baseball i i've said spring training essentially rehabbing that stress fracture in his ribcage he what one for three last night in singlea lancaster rockies returning to action tomorrow from the all star break the open up a threegame set in new york against the mets rockies seven and a half gave leap to that second nl wildcard spot but they're looking up at the dodgers nine and a half games back in the nl west when they could going coverage hits rolling of 430 tomorrow afternoon i pay tribute 510 don't get to join us tonight we're gonna talk with the bsn denver's a true pressman on rockies reacted he's gonna talk a little bit about some of the rookies roxie picked up and then what's ahead and who could be picked up by the rockies to make that final push onto basketball denver nuggets moving on in the las vegas summer league playoffs they beat the rockets eighty seven to eighty one in the opening round they've got the nets later on today and trade talks involving the new york knicks star carmelo anthony you know former nugget looks like he could be going to houston but it's going to take four teams to get that deal dodd ever less than two weeks away broncos training camp it'll open up thursday july twenty seventh sports forty five by cory though pez on koa newsradio home of the broncos pops abroad very slow drive on westbound i 70 six approaching arafat area i've got traffic in.

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