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I'm just looking at my online music account here, and I can see since I I heard that song only about three days ago. I've played it fourteen times. I it's a fantastic track and well-done Australia, and how you visions disowned this song feels almost like a tribute for all the former revision winners, you know. And even the look I mean, I think trailer is getting it. How you send contestant to the event? I am a big fan. And we have to remind listeners that you know, when Trey was decide if there was about ten contestants and we predicted that is the win. Yeah. I think we were on we we had a really say bed because I had a quick look at Twitter oughta we'd done that show and Endo, and I mean, strain Twitter was basically on file with much enthusiasm behind Kate Mila Heike song that was sung that she wrote. She said about who battle with post-natal depression. And even though it's such an. Uplifting. Beautiful song. If you listen to the lyrics. You can hear that she's really going on a journey with this song. And she's talking about how the depression is so heavy and the ideas that she's going with zero gravity. So she can finally be free. And it does have a feeling of such uplifting. Freedom no surprises at all that that was a very bold choice to take us to Eurasian. Do you think that it could possibly take the whole proun- itself? Yes. I do. I have to think my mood would be great competition for her from the ones. No, listen band. Still plenty of two rows of ink. We need another update in a few weeks time. But I think mood end, you know, and Kate Miller do will be one of two of the favorites. Yeah. My money will be on Kate Milad Kiba Mahmoud is going to be some pretty stiff competition, and as you say plenty most if competition as well, so watch this space, Ben Ryan and Monica's year vision correspondent financial Gusta Cheka. We will be watching. Thanks to them. Both that's wolf this program. Thanks also to Dunya bait such as page rentals. Rory Jake stadium on today was Christine evidence. The globe is will return the same time tomorrow, and I'll be hit then to I'm Joe Gina golden. Thank you, Philip..

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