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Right. And you know, ten years ago this morning. Ironically, hurricane Ike middleman fall on the Texas Gulf Coast was also only a category two hurricane. But it was a thirty billion dollars. Asking you folks that try out along. On the bolivar peninsula, the Texas coast, if they would do it again, they would absolutely say, no. So we urge people to heed evacuation orders. We're speaking live this morning with Jonathan Erdmann senior digital meteorologist at the Weather Channel talking, of course, about hurricane Florence. Is there a chance that this storm is worse than Harvey of last year, perhaps any of the three that made landfall last year? It's all relative to the area that affects we're not forecasting sixty inches of rain in North Carolina that was the extreme Harvey produce. But again, this could be a state record rain event. Sorta tropical cyclone in North Carolina which was Floyd which produced twenty four inches of rain in one thousand nine hundred ninety well the hurricane center's expecting up to forty inches of rain in North Carolina. So, you know, this this could be one of the heaviest rainfall events in the Carolinas that they've seen. And of course, there's also extends Appalachian. So there could be some pretty significant flooding in the smoky mountains early next week. So this is going to have a large impact, and it's gonna run reach all the way through the first half of next week boy had no rest for the weary. Either. Catch us up to date on these couple of storms that were behind Florence. Yeah. We have tropical storm Isaac is moving into the Windward Islands day listener to again, it's not terribly well organized right now. We're going to have to watch is it next week because even though it may dissipate or weaken for time the Caribbean. See this is the heart of hurricane season. Sometimes these things we could come back in the Gulf of Mexico next week. So we should keep an eye on that. There is a tropical depression, the western Gulf. There's gonna bring heavy rain to touch us not gonna develop nothing like Harvey, but cook bring some flooding rain to Texas this weekend, man, plenty to keep you busy. That's for. Sure. Jonathan thanks for few minutes as always Jonathan urban senior digital meteorologist at the Weather Channel with us live again this morning. He's been busy with us. This week. Thank him for that..

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