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Is your chance to celebrate their good deeds it's wtop's top kids awards in partnership with northwest federal credit union there's two chances to win five hundred dollars and be featured on wtop p each month on air and online down through october twenty eight visit wtop .com and search top kids sponsored by northwest federal credit union you're listening to wtop news it it is two twenty three thanks for being with us this afternoon an update on the death of a tow truck driver who was killed while he was helping someone out on i ninety five on thursday the family of thirty one -year -old osama abdel fattah mary began a fundraiser to cover funeral costs for the suit land man and provide a financial support for his wife and three children as of last night that's raised almost fifty three thousand dollars mary was helping a driver on the interstate when by he was a struck car that sideswiped the tow truck and the vehicle he was hooking up to that truck amtrak will upgrade and improve its maintenance yard beginning next summer to be completed in twenty twenty nine in time for the rival of arrow the new train amtrak's rail yard in dcs ivy city neighborhood where trains are maintained repaired and inspected really needs the help officials tell the washington post that outdated infrastructure requires cars to be pulled apart for repairs there are long backups in the maintenance pipeline and workers are exposed to to the elements amtrak has launched a billion dollar upgrade for that and other rail yards using federal infrastructure funds ahead of the arrival of a new generation of passenger trains sandy cozelle who tlp news should depend on your smartphone for medical emergencies are suddenly thrown into a situation where you must from cpr to save a life oh no you don't remember anything from that course fifteen years ago you might think that your phone smart assistant would give you all the instructions that you need quickly but that's absolutely the worst thing to do i'm kim commando brought to you by netsweep everything your business needs in one place visit netsweep .com slash kim to get netsweep's kpi checklist absolutely free researchers asked voice assistance questions related to cardiac arrest emergencies yeah it was a complete disaster out of thirty two different voice assistant responses can can you believe that only nine advised to immediately call nine one one so if you find yourself in an emergency where someone needs cpr your first and only action must be to call nine one one these services are trained for these situations and can totally guide you through the process until the real professionals arrive get tech smart every single day with my free newsletter over half a million do and you're gonna love him dot com sports at twenty five and fifty five powered by ed river technology decisions aren't black and white think red and we're talking tennis jay brooks that's right u .s. open men's draw today right now americans tommy paul and ben sheldon going at it sheldon took the first two sets in the third right now paul's trying to make a comeback coming up shortly francis tfo in round fourth action getting ready to play women's

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