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Kevin that you're encouraging fans to send the team off tell us about that that were holding a rally at Hollywood park. So a chance. Kind of blend the future with the current. We were trying to think about where can we behold a rally that's convenient for the team great for fans, and why not hold it on the grounds of our future stadium at Hollywood park. So ten o'clock on Sunday tend the team off team will come in a couple of players, and then Sean will speak, and it'll be a fun rally to defend the team off. People can start arriving around nine o'clock, you have to go to our website just to download a ticket for registration. It's completely free. And we hope people come and have a good time. And you know, from there if they want to line the routes from Hollywood park tally X, we'd love to have the fans, but just a chance for us to take the fans before we head off to the LAX. Let me let me piggyback on a point you made the rally is free. It costs you nothing. But if you're going to attend you have to go online, right Kevin and get a ticket. You can't do one without the other right? Correct. You have to go to the Rams dot com and just sign up for the rally o- be able to print a ticket. It's free that will get you into the rally, and that's really just so we can make sure we. We know how many people to to anticipate and works out about the same process. We did for training camp or any of those things. So we're excited completely free. Should be a great little moment. And now, I think it'll pump up our team they they board that flight to Atlanta. So Super Bowl week is a blur. I'm guessing that given your your background you've been through Super Bowl week not necessarily as an executive what what what are your expectations? What is your excitement level for the kind of the whole Super Bowl experience? Well, I think first and foremost, you're focused on giving, you know, our football organization what they need to succeed. And they're going to be practicing out of the falcons practice facility and flowery branch a little bit away from town. So it's making sure they they're distractions are gone. So we spent this past week making sure coaches players their families are all taken care of with hotel rooms and tickets and everything we can set them up with when they land, you know, on the ground in Atlanta, while they will have a number of obligations for the media and the. Like that they can focus on the football game. And that really you can't lose sight of that. And for the rest of us in the organization on the business side, the marketing side, you know, we can't wait to host our fans in Atlanta. We have a fan.

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