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Campaigns that connect. You're with dean lane, on WTO P. He's WTO P news. I'll throw it again going in China and Europe 20% of all cars and SUV sales were electric vehicles. Just this past year, that number is only 6% here in the U.S. right now. So why? Are we Americans seemingly so reluctant to buy electric cars, even though experts tell us we've got to stop burning that fuel if we are to curb climate change and cool the earth's temperature overall. So does put that question to our car guy, Mike Barrett there's the unknown. Also, what do you charge it? Sometimes it's charging infrastructure isn't the easiest, especially in some states in the U.S.. It's almost nonexistent compared to D.C., which has a little bit better than others, and certainly not anywhere, and you're like California. So yeah, that and people want SUVs. They want big SUVs like we've been looking at the last couple of weeks. And for right now, that's where people's money is going. And not really adapting to the electric car as fast as some other countries. Now, they do start to offer. I don't know about the biggest SUVs, electric, but you will be able to get something larger in an electric car or at least a hybrid. Yeah, definitely we'll be looking at some of those here very soon. We got the plugin hybrid seems to be where a lot of them are right now. Hybrids and plugin hybrids where you're getting 20, 30, 40 miles all electric power. And then it switches over to the gas engine, so it can be a lot more economical than saying the Cadillac or the big grain wagon you ever been looking at. So it's slowly but surely getting there, but still it's going to take a while to get that there and yeah, you still have to power those things. So it takes a lot more energy when you drive a bigger vehicle like that. So you need bigger battery packs, which adds more weight. So it's definitely it's a catching up game to the gas cars for sure. Double duty you'll be car guy Mike pyrrhus on Skype here on WTO P talking about the United States slow embrace of those electric cars. If you like going fishing at the title basin or on parts of the Potomac river, listen up researchers have a warning for you. They say freshwater fish could be hazardous to your health. Writing in the journal environmental research, scientists say freshwater fish across the country are contaminated with so called forever chemicals. These are perfluorinated compounds that are used in hundreds of consumer products including food packaging. They're called forever chemicals because of their persistence and the environment and the body. The study found that eating freshwater fish just a few times a year is an important source of exposure to forever chemicals. Particularly on WTO P news. You are listening. What a 3.5 SM at WTO P dot com. The WTO charity of the month is central union mission, homeless man

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