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Are they close? Well, I'll tell you, Elliot freed me came out last night. I believe it was hockey night in Canada and mentioned something about that the conversation the conversations with past the neck and his agent and obviously the Boston Bruins organization have progressed and whether it's a good progression, a step back or whatever high talent I'm not knowing, but I do feel comfortable that this Boston bureau's organization is going to get a deal done. I don't believe it's going to be a deal that's going to be record breaking. McDavid money and so on. I think it's honestly, I think it's going to be in between 11 and 12 million. What are your thoughts on the pasta negotiations? How long it's kind of seemingly dragged, drag defeat from all aspects, not just the dawn Sweeney and bruins management because Boston Bruins fans love to hammer the fact is that they think that dawn Sweeney, he's dragging his feet here. When I know I don't know personally and so on, but I have a feeling JP Barry and his in his track record with other players going right up to the 11th hour of getting a deal done.

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