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Right which i think was interviewed i remember her name bushy asked you how's it feel i feel fucking saying hundred percents i love it because every trainers lock you know it's funny i'm actually a little bit chunkier that i've been in less through have four years because i've really found the big one which makes me i feel very different actually in the last six months i've done incredible amounts of tissue quality work and like like i don't know if you guys know this like your brain doesn't let you your brain voids parts of your body that really screwed up i've been really fixing my back like i basically roles for an hour and like my trainer literally roles like and like it's been incredible but nonetheless yes i don't feel this miraculously sleep better i feel i don't feel that different yeah that's funny to make that's just not where thought it would go look good meeting thank you look back at you and five another critique yes sir not a critique actually a love this observation when you do the ellen show and you did conan you repeated the stick never seen you do that again have you when you talk the winging it eko pinning is very similar i'm giving my story yeah their stuff i mean ellen verbatim that was so crazy two thousand seven youtube wasn't real they put me on a real television show everyone's like they'll internet was proud of me it was a great moment in my life actually look at rocks to cigars like twitter two thousand seven twitter lost its mind and two thousand seven blogs lost her mind i was going for my youtube show to be on conan so i was very different time a decade ago and then the ellen producers called and said we want that i was like all right it's fun yeah i mean look i think i think you get into i win it i really try to think about what the audience is carrying about but i have my beliefs so you know they'll be statements or jokes that i go to i've absolutely done that but.

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