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MPH. It's a cool start to the day. It will be a nice sunny afternoon, but staying cool at 65 to 70 tonight. Clear 55 to 60 and again, there will be some forties in the cooler suburbs to start off the day on Wednesday. Another sunny afternoon expected with highs between 70 and 75 on Thursday. It is a bit warmer with highs of 75 to 80. This is W. CBS and WCBS FM HD to New York Hurricane Sally inches toward the Gulf coast, packing torrential rains and a big storm surge. Freshman dormant in you is unlocked down after four students tested positive for covert 19. Connecticut will soon have bigger fines for people who violate social gathering rules or refused to wear a mask. City teachers say schools are nowhere near ready to open On Monday, SPORTS The Giants loose their opener to Pittsburgh, 26 to 16 Steve Cohen to become the majority owner of the Mets. 55 degrees in New York. Sunny and 68 later it's Tuesday, September 15th more than just the headlines. This is W. CBS News Radio 8 80. Good morning. I'm Steve Scott. It's seven o'clock. Thiss Is CBS News on the hour your home for original reporting. I'm Cami McCormick along the Gulf Coast. They're stocking up on supplies ahead of Hurricane Sally, though some say they'll ride it out like this man in golf. Mississippi picked everything up from underneath. I live on the water, and I'm going to sit right there to house Waller. There comes Wkrg TV reporter Chad Petri is near Dolphin Island, Alabama, sheets of rain and some high winds high wind gusts right now starting to feel more and more like those conditions are deteriorating. According to Dolphin Island police they haven't had in the closures and President, but we're still experiencing the same thing. They are down there, Which is I win and a lot of rain right now, as they wait for this storm to really make landfall and have an effect on Dauphin Island. Landfall is expected tomorrow. It's a category one storm now in the West, a sickly thick haze from the wildfires. CBS meteorologist David Parkinson has the latest forecast. The air is finally getting better as a storm system gets closer to the coast. But if you want the rain to make it to the interior areas, the places where the actual fire spots are that Is going to take until potentially the weekend evacuees in Oregon or tearing, telling rather harrowing tales of how they escaped.

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