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But he's pretty good at getting headline so take less than off the board the divisions in a little bit of a mess whoever daniel cormie didn't clean out steep <unk> steep a did so before you say francis and gado should fight steeping. I hear you on that but then you already fought. It wasn't very competitive. You do have plenty of room to say. I francis learn from that fight in france better. I will take my hat to that argument. I'm fully with you but if you're going to do a rematch would you rather remain rach rather rematch francis gano or would you rather rematch and i'm speaking purely two dollars here. Gotta make dollars to make sense to apprise fire fire or would you rather rematch daniel cormie who you just beat who is a true trilogy fight who the fans really wanted to see where there is something very special there oh and by the way it would send off. It's very relevant and it's very intriguing and i think if you're going to do that and you're going to rematch <unk> somebody and you're in a division that is in peril right now. I think it's pretty obvious that you fight you work for is daniel versus teammate now the reason i can't work john jones into that but i think the perhaps it would be fair. John jones doesn't have heat with steep a john. Jones has heat with daniel daniel cormac so john jones coming up. The heavy was never really as much of a demand as john. Joe needs to come to heavyweight because that's where daniel is john. Jones on the other hand has said why he doesn't want to go to heavyweight which is he doesn't weigh that much. He weighs two hundred twenty pounds two hundred nineteen pounds. He's just a perfect tool five pounds. That's a fair argument by the dum dum john jones. He's making even a broken. Clock is right twice a day. John junkin have a good point every now and then but it is relevant to go back to sleep as weight that he's only two thirty. John jones will give less way to give steeper than st pay gave up twice now against daniel. That's they way the same. One guy is twenty and one guy is too. That's the same same thing exact same way so there could be some opportunity there. There's just not a demand for that fight finally john out of that goes steep versus dc again part three and we do it at the end of this year. Now you move down to two hundred five pounds. Look johnson a bit of a tight spot. He didn't used to be when john came into this. One became the youngest champion ever there was all these these guys around that were known as legends and legends really manage. They were older more established name and they had been champion at some point. That's all that it meant. There was a whole bunch of him around so he was able to do it. Credible business one after the next now once you go through that what's the other side the well you gotta rebuild a little bit. He went through gus great fight. I'm talking about from a business standpoint decent not going to happen right now. He's in a bit of a tough spot corey. Anderson is is raising his hand. I think that that that needs to be celebrated in some level. We can't just look over corey anderson. He's a willing participant a tough guy to prove what a tough guy is willing to go. Take on johnnie walker at m._s._g. Later later the shared johnnie walker is a good solid name..

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