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Back on the bloomberg administration sort of sent out some of they call him secondary tertiary street those are the second and third countries when they cling during a snowstorm the on the the blasier administration that work has now been brought back they don't use contractors when heavy snowfall these these contractors they still due to a certain extent you know to the the snow so what does that mean over the last two years and then it was dropped on me this year over the last two years they bought increased their snow fleet size by almost three hundred seventy vehicles that's a lotta 'cause and it's not because that's the problem okay it's snowploughs the salt trucks of big arch trucks the vehicles flown dumps looks like uh during the summer time it looks like a regular dump truck but then it commute allies and with the time for snow there's a conveyor belt on the inside of that then they have smaller vehicles they have with the goal holsters it looks like it's more pickup truck but in the back of the truck as little short so they have the small street like speech mass bid to maybe some treatment hadn't even like read outside u building down he had a little alleyway right some you can fit big drops so they have those vehicles in both these little like a front and laudable as many one legacy the guys we're gonna construction site when a small balkan on the front they them all that much of the equipment maker pt at three hundred seventy eight these are now you will blow my mind when we were talking before the program you tell me about the cost to some of these vehicles i mean what what kind of numbers are we talking about here talk in big numbers i mean sensation sanitation truck regular collection trump did you see on history is a close at two hundred eighty thousand dollars while some of the some of the fire apparatus reform apparatus right those big ladder trucks.

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