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I get to major junior seventeen years old and it was just trying to carve my way and try to make a team as opposed to being the most talented guy out there so i i say seventeen years old. It was when i really decided to carbon different niece. There's a lot of talented players out there. But who's willing to do this to to make a team so Like i said. I was fortunate I had the balls to do it knob. But in the end i had to coach that also believed in me and gave me options. You to do idea. So once i saw it was successful and i was able to get into people's nerves and also have success not only Probably the instigating ways but it also often open up opportunities as an instigator but also As an offensive guy. 'cause it it creates basically your celebrate when people may have a little bit of fear as well so they kind of the ever feel like they kind of left alone never took you seriously on the offensive end and all of a sudden you find yourself with an open shot and nobody near you. I think i grew into the game. Right like i i. I notice wanting to fight and wanted to do this. Like that's i. You can make the team. Then you draw back onto your past experiences as a kid being a talented right and then he just get a little more room than the tougher you are. I don't care what you are. I don't care what you do Tougher you are the more space you're gonna get so i got a little bit more space than than Fortunately the the talent or limit thereof Certainly took over. And i always able to points. Now i've had. I've had discussions with some guys that played college hockey and have gone on to not the nhl bud played in the minor league system and it was very curious. I wanna get your take on on the game. They told me that the college game is actually a lot faster than the nhl and the nhl the guys or just the games a little slower but the guys the players are just in the right place all the time at the right time which i i. Yeah i i call nc double a college hockey. I called controlled chaos. That's my nickname for it. And you'll never change guys going to million miles an hour all the time and it's very very fast. It's not talented by nomi robot. Even it's not even close. You're not getting the high end guys That you do in college that you are in the nhl. You're not finding a connor. Gave her an often matthews pat. Those guys don't go to college. Level is is so much further but as for speed..

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