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Israeli I wanNA tell you that this air here are your video recorded of volunteered statement. You're free to go over to stop this interview any time to wherever you hearing growing by now. That was a clip from patsy. Ramsey's please interview in the late. Ninety s this is John Ramsey. Today we were told us later by the district attorney was to release a lot of information to the media that was was suspicious. Made US look guilty. Tension guilty and the media would bring intense pressure on passing. I one of us at crack back during the confess as to be solved that was their whole strategy that was the only strategy yet and so the media of course ran with it. Big Time and convinced convinced seventy percent of the world that we were guilty of Maria child then the police recalling. Oh we can't bring a case because we don't have any evidence so so they kind of got back into core like Dang you know we. We thought one of them was going to confess that we solve the crime. We could've gone on TV and Indianapolis Welcome to part two of the killing of Jon. Benet Ramsey the final suspects. I'm your host Danielle Robea We do have a group here now on the ground knocking on doors and talking to people who know what happened. who were there? Were involved to have records. This is Jon Benet Ramsey expert Jamison in. Hopefully we can do something to get this investigation. Gatien advanced no matter how it takes if we have to do. If we can get the COPS to help us. That would be wonderful if we could convince somebody to step in. Take the case away from the police department. Give it to a cold-case group or the District Attorney's office again. That would be wonderful but we're determined to every effort we can get in this advanced before they can begin to work on formerly detective. Smith suspect list. We need to address the elephant in the room. From the moment John Ramsay discovered the body of his daughter in the cellar of their family. Home he and wife Patsy had become prime mm-hmm suspects in her murder. As far as the boulder police were concerned one or both of them did it period and thanks to increasingly rabid media interest crest and a million online conspiracy theorists that view became shared around the world. was there ever any evidence to back up this theory in this episode. We're going to discuss the case against the RAMSEYS. This is detective. Robert Whitson talking about the Boulder Police Department. There's something called confirmation bias and when you have that you don't want to hear anything that's contrary to year theory once you've made up to your mind you don't want to hear anything that would be contrary to that so I think that's what was occurring now of course they'll deny that according to figures from the US Department of Justice seventy four percent of all murder victims in America. No they're killer and over over one in five victims are killed by a member of their own family for the boulder. PD The initial. Focus of their investigation was naturally jonbenet's parents John and patsy eighty former sheriff's investigator. John San Augustine explains from the onset of this investigation. The Boulder Police Department has focus the Ramsey family. So you know what we're dealing with right now. Even twenty years later is a situation where because of their lack of objectiveness really in this case lack of really pursuing the the the truth and only focusing on the family they have not allow themselves to look at other potential suspects local news reporter Paulo Woodward also remembers cops refusing to keep an open mind on the case stars I know will the only suspects they really pursued or John and Patsy Ramsey. They have said that they pursued others. Looks at others from the information that I have an examining that investigation. They were locked onto the family by the first day and they didn't change their focus. Still they are suspects of the Boulder Police Department at Saint. John's DNA did not match patsy in John's handwriting did not match to the ransom note yet. They still were suspects of the Boulder Police Department. Those are two pretty definitive pieces of evidence that exclude the family. They were not excluded older. PD may have wanted to believe. The ramseys were guilty but they had no actual proof John or patsy were involved loved and his days to weeks and with the public demanding justice many close to the case say. The police began to manipulate the huge media interest to try to further their own cause errors of the case that initially happened at the crime scene or compounded rounded boulder police leaky misinformation on purpose and being picked up by rookie media reporters and run the first wake the leaks. Were Bing's just outright untruths like patsy. Ramsey wouldn't take a DNA test while she had that came from Boulder. Hold it please from police spokesperson. It was again very wrong a travesty. I just don't know why it will decrease that Robert Woodson was the on call detective supervisor in Boulder in nineteen ninety six and one of the first officers on the scene. He was a part the case from the start. There started to be news leaks within the media so obviously somebody it one or more people were giving the news media information up. Some of it was accurate. Some of it was inaccurate. And we didn't know who was doing doing that. So based on that police department decided to really limit access as far as you know who could have any access to the information information which I clearly understand why that was done unfortunately that then enders an investigation. Because sometimes the APP somebody one detected may have a piece of information that fits with a piece of information that another person has and if you don't on have that communication if it gets basically locked down then it may fall through the cracks in the system. So what happened at that. Point is just a few people became the what I would call the ongoing investigative team and they were the people that had had access to the information for the first four years. After this murder occurred. I was told by detectives that were working at who you did not give any specifics. They just told me the ramseys definitely were involved. That was definitely their focus with the ramseys were involved. And that's what I believe leap for the first four years I think they had group think going on and it was almost like tunnel vision. They were focused on on Patsy Ramsey that became the focus of this investigation..

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