Bill Bell Jack, Jing, Andy Reid discussed on NFL Sunday



The mvp conversation but again it's it's a lot of and i'm guilty of a to block score reading and making conclusions folz is a pain in the ass pole folds is going to be a bigger problem than i think people think that he will be where do you still doug peterson because every single week the patriots with bill bell jack have the advantage coach jing was some weeks its way more lopsided though than others year to for petersen obviously he had he had coach under andy reid for a while he seems to be a guy that might be uh is is better in game adjustments or late game stuff than read but that they let us say much so we're where do you stand on on doug peterson he doesn't look very smart in the face posture more superficial current jesus you're not looking guy on tv it does just he tells of natural learn all right that i use that this week alex crowds eta next hour let's play that backup boat announced his current gave us good think about all the teams that the patriots if tracked down because the other coach either outsmarted himself or was to disorganized good carol mike tomlin dan quinn kyle shanahan the whis dish doug marrone the list is arms length because teams don't know the patriots a such an outlier in their ability to come back that teams don't know whether to run and hide or keep fighting and we'll see which one doug marrone sees me doug few sides is the better option doug marrone doesn't look like the rock allenton steve i'm gonna say peterson to me look smarter than marrone that's just my eyes looking at it who's a smart is looking coach uh the smartest looking code hugh me god glasses definitely know the'real recap chewing gum like a cow like mike zimmer on the sidelines valley exam zimbalist pretty tight a law known i think highlight john hardball looks like he's clearly intel kyle shane him kraft share hanyong out here yeah like what why eulex too young to be here how will.

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