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Some levity to begin the second county council meeting of executive Sam pages tenure. He was presented with a broom to sweep the corruption out of Clayton page announced that the owners of northwest plaza agreed to renegotiate their controversial lease for several county departments to move their received a letter from Bob and David have agreed to come back to the table calling their county. Vital our page. Also apologize to the families of three men who've died at the county Justice center this year. He says he toward the jail in the past week. Michael Calhoun, NewsRadio eleven twenty K Molex after the latest wave of shootings some twenty since the weekend with three people dead Saint Louis mayor light accrues is calling on Jefferson City to take note. I hope that the state legislature, which is still in session does not make it even easier. There are couple of measures that are being considered right now which were opposing because we think this easy access to guns permit. Lewis gun Kerry continues to be very very detrimental crews says she's worried about. Taliation shootings after the first wave, and she's calling on pastors parents and friends to intervene to prevent more. Bloodshed news time is six oh seven. They don't know much about it. But Saint Charles county officials are moving to ban an opioid like substance. That's currently legally available crate a mex- like an opioid netted triggers the same brain percenters. And if you take too much you can go into respiratory depression overdose. That's what worries medical examiner. Dr Mary case. If you take a very large amount of it. You could die from it. And there's nothing on the package that tells you only take this three times a day or once a day comes from a tropical evergreen tree. Native to southeast Asia. Several states in many countries have already banded Saint Charles county executive Steve element says crate him shops. Like those in Winston Saint Charles will just have to sell other things of this ordinance passes it's slated for first reading Monday night. Alex, NewsRadio eleven twenty km awakes first responders in Saint Charles county have eighteen chances to receive active shooter and mass casualty incident training this month. And next training officer Rick lane says the county always offers that many exercises. It's important to do. So. Everybody. In would be prudent offered one time and get as many people as you can as opposed.

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