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Now go out there and do it again now. Moving on to grow sundays podium. He said was like a victory. And i'd agree. He was fast. He avoided mistakes. He actually increased his lead in the championship. He did everything he needed to do. And more importantly he didn't falter mean if this was his bad race while he's still in pretty good shape now. Fabio says his goal for this weekend is to modify his writing style a little bit to suit the tires and the track. Maybe make things more efficient. Although he admits that he's thinking podium in this one more than maybe he should hang out with martine But another podium. I think would be a phenomenal effort and it would accomplish the goal of losing as little as possible eddie decidedly. Do khadi and now. Ktm track. I think he'll have more competition in this one. Because jack and petco aren't going to go away quietly this time around and he's going to have the ktm's to deal with as well so it's gonna be a hard race for him but again if he could just kind of hang with the guys in the top five or six. He's guaranteed to leave austria with the point lead and that is going to be big momentum boost going forward then the final rider on my favorite's list for this week brad bender. He had yet another phenomenal late race. Comeback last weekend starting sixteenth finishing fourth now. He said that last weekend the frontier was the source of his struggles. He couldn't lean on it and breaking without overheating it on at the end of race when he finally got some clean air cooled off the frontier allowed him to push a little bit harder and so he got into the top five but with that harder option metric tire available this week exactly the formula that works best for him and the bike brad instantly has a chance to get on the podium and qualified better for that matter to and based on what we saw last weekend if even starts somewhere in the first three rows even at the back of the first three rows he will easily be within striking distance of the podium. You know with. Miguel olivera clearly. Still struggling with an injured hand brad. Now take selena. Ktm and he is definitely capable of getting them on the box. So those are my favorites writers. I think have the best chance of finishing on the podium and competing for a win but there's some other writers. I'm going to be keeping an eye out for this weekend. That i think a pretty good chance of finishing somewhere in the top five area. They might even be able to make a play for the podium starting with johann zarco and even though he easily bested the factory to cadiz last sunday circuit just wasn't able to put things together like his teammate. And as a result he ended the race exactly where he started in six. Now the good news for this weekend is that he is capable of qualifying better than that six that he laid down race one and seeing another bike whim is definitely going to motivate him to go out and grabs zhijie gelinas attention himself just like corey. Martine did last week about his experience. I think should have helped him be a little bit stronger at the end of the last race and not get passed by bender so a little bit more hesitant about sarko than it was one week ago in. The same is true for mark marquess. He looked pretty racy before the red flag although he had already started to trail off a little bit before the rack but he really struggled a little bit more after the race was restarted and he looked a little bit out of control. The entire time. I mean mark is an aggressive writer but usually not that aggressive and it not only led to the well-publicized contact with allied spargo twice but he also made multiple mistakes that prevented him from making lasting headway through the field. Later in this one. I think once again that may be his mind was a bit more ambitious than his shoulder and his arm was capable of and that makes me nervous about his chances for race to but if he rides cleaner and smarter mark is capable of being near the front. For sure. i'm talking. Nakagomi quietly had an excellent race. Last weekend he started tenth finished fifth and just missed out on fourth in those final few turns courtesy of the flying brad bender. He definitely proved a steady hand. Can get honda a good result in austria which is kinda what i thought going into last weekend and maybe that confidence is going to propel him toward a similar result this weekend even if i think the competition from both outside honda am within is going to be stronger across the board but another top five finish for him will be really really good result going forward in the second half now. It's at this point in the show where we do. have to talk about. Maverick maverick fan. Y'all as and i know the steering. Gp was a disaster for him and he may or may not have simply given up pulling into the box after saying his dash was flashing pit lane lap after lap but the stall on the grid he said was due to a clutch replacement during the red flag. And starting from pit lane. I don't think he was gonna push all that hard to begin with. The chances of you know pedro cost triumphant. Run to the checkered flag nonexistent. But i will say this before. The red flag came out. He did have his best start of the season. And i don't think he looked as good as fabio quarrel but he did look capable of kind of hanging onto the back of that lead. Pack so i have a i call it guarded optimism for him in this race. That if you can get another good start that he can be in that top five or six area which would be a good result for him. I mean speaking of guys who either terrible race last week yell olivera much like his teammate. Brad bender also struggled with the frontier in this race. In fact it was the reason that he retired from the race. He said that his hand is actually healthy enough to have a good top ten performance on the bike and so now that he's gonna get the tire he's looking for. Then get the settings right. They get the feeling on that front sorted and if his hand is just a little bit better yeah he's totally capable of a top ten and maybe even better things than that but because we're not one hundred percent sure how the injury is going to affect them across an entire race because remember. He didn't make it the entire race because of that front tire. Then i have to play a pretty conservative with him and not necessarily assume that he's gonna make it up until the podium spots so those are the writers on my watch lists which means we have one more item of business to take care.

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