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Was a good deal. Rosemary also pleaded with Jesse to get rid of the police to keep the family out of trouble Jesse agreed but after the police left Marcus did not go quietly at the last second he changed the terms of the agreement and insisted he needed Rosemary's van to it was the family's only form of transportation. This was the last Straw for Jesse and and he attacked a bitter fight ensued Marcus beat the boy so savagely that Jesse grabbed a screwdriver and held it to marcus his throat. He swore if Marcus hit him again he would stab him. Marcus could see rage and Jesse size and knew he was serious. He backed down and left with Elizabeth. They moved into Marcus's mother carries house. By this time Carey was used to scandal it had been almost eight years and she had spoken to her husband and she feared a falling out with Marcus would mean losing more of her family. She let her son and Elizabeth stay in the House but held them too strict dietary and religious rules. The second Elizabeth Elizabeth and Marcus caused any trouble. She warned they would be out on the street contrary to his behavior when he lived with Rosemary Marcus was meek around his mother he still ordered Elizabeth around but was not nearly as violent and the housing situation worked for awhile emit nineteen seventy-four Marcus married Elizabeth with their mothers permission he was twenty seven and Elizabeth was fifteen. The situation changed a few months later after Elizabeth Elizabeth gave birth to a son named Dorian Carey became increasingly uncomfortable. She did not like the way her son lased about all day without a job. She feared her complacency was making him too much like his father in an attempt at tough love she kicked Marcus Elizabeth and Dorian out she told Marcus things would improve for him unless he got a job for the sake of her grandchild. She begged him to find work. Surprisingly rising -Ly Marcus took her advice. He and Elizabeth moved into a house nearby and Marcus managed to get a job as a teller at the local wells fargo he shaved his unruly beard and cut his hair. Though he maintained his authoritarian Syrian temperament at home at work he became a new man and a reliable employees. Elizabeth and Marcus settled into a comfortable routine by the time Elizabeth was nineteen. She had given birth to another son and two daughters. Her Fifth Child passed away during childbirth from the moment. The children were born marcus treated them harshly. He did not tolerate crying even when they were only a couple of weeks old when the baby's cried aide he ordered Elizabeth to discipline them to do this. He gave her a stick that was half an inch thick he insisted she spanked the children on the rear and the bottoms of their feet until they quieted it heard Elizabeth to spank the babies ace and she often cried while doing it but she knew she had to listen to Marcus if she didn't he would take the babies into the bedroom and spank them himself. He was not kind when dispatching punishment Marcus's short temper temper only got worse the longer he worked as a bank teller he grew more frustrated by his job. Every day. He bristled at being told what to do and railed against the state environment of the bank in Nineteen seventy seven thirty thirty one year old marcus reached his breaking point. He longed for his days with Rosemary. When he was unemployed and had total freedom he quit his job and went back on welfare? He grew dreadlocks and a large beard Elizabeth. Elizabeth didn't give any objections when he quit she had been groomed to listen to Marcus unquestioningly since she was nine years old. As psychology professor Dr Elizabeth Jag Lake wrote abusive groomers work to gain the trust trust of the victims so that they can engage in the abuse without detection this makes children feel special and gives them the belief that they have a caring relationship with the perpetrators marcus capitalized on Elizabeth's vulnerability. The as a child and tricked her into believing they had a special relationship when really he just wanted her to be his servant in keeping with his own upbringing marcus took the family to the local seventh day adventist church every Saturday Saturday he took on the same role his mother had as a spiritual counselor for the family he read scripture to Elizabeth and the children and again mixed church doctrine with his own hard line beliefs about everything from polygamy to the Afterlife Alive One night when the family attended church in October of nineteen seventy eight thirty two year old marcus spotted a new attendee in the pews. Her name was Ila Bell Lee she was a young young pregnant woman about sixteen years old she had recently run away from home after a fight with her parents about her pregnancy. The two started spending time together. According to Ila Bell at that point I was looking for something to depend on got to trust and Marcus was someone I could trust. Marcus spent long hours listening to Alabel and offering her advice he had an intense way of speaking to people as if they were the only ones in the world as as time went on marcus slowly doled out revelations in the same way he hooked Rosemary Elizabeth his council began as practical advice then once he had Il Belt Trust he expanded on his ideals eventually reaching the point where he called himself God's chosen prophet his serious attitude and well-spoken charm drew Alabel in he was supportive and spoke with an authority that made the sixteen year old want to believe in him so when he counseled her to stop contacting her unborn baby's father she listened Ila bill slowly cut out the few remaining members of her support network had Marcus Advice. She gave up on reconciling with her parents. She we lived alone in an apartment not far from arcus and Elizabeth's house after a few months she was entirely dependent on Marcus for emotional support relationship expert Darlene Lancer highlighted emotional and and physical isolation as key components of abusive relationships she wrote that abusers are often possessive and are unable to accept blame for their actions. Ila Bell experienced these qualities firsthand with Marcus Marcus devoted considerable time they lapel and guided her through her pregnancy. She gave birth in nineteen seventy nine and he helped her with that too then in December of nineteen seventy nine several months after Ila bells the baby had been born their relationship progressed marcus had always been physically close with Alabel and often hugged her during their long deep talks but on this night at Ila bells apartment marcus went beyond his as usual hug he kissed her and then undressed he told sixteen-year-old il belt he loved her and the two had sex the liaisons continued for a few months before Elizabeth found out unsurprisingly Elizabeth did not like the new development but by now she had been living under Marcus Thumb for almost twelve years since she was nine years old he knew exactly how to manipulate her and she rarely went against his wishes still she told Marcus she could never accept being second place to another woman marcus assured Elizabeth his devotion to her would always take precedence. He insisted that should his relationship with Alabel continue. It would never never distract him from his family and children at home. After weeks of persistent needling Elizabeth reluctantly consented to Marcus's sexual relationship with Ila Bell she stipulated that he could never get ill bell pregnant however and Marcus promised they would only have oral sex. This arrangement continued for years during this time as children were getting older. Marcus became more eccentric than ever before he was still obsessed assessed with the idea of having multiple wives and frequently ranted about the biblical legitimacy of the concept he closed his family off from the outside world to cement his control over them the longer he kept them isolated the more Tarango he became he started exempting himself from rules. He forced to the rest of the family to follow. They still had to eat vegetarian but he could eat meat. He used the family's meager finances to eat at restaurants while his children went out at night to collect food from dumpsters establishing vague rules and bending them arbitrarily is a common tactic of Authoritarians as psychotherapist Dr Eric May Zell noted Authoritarians fans love rules for other people the more quixotic and unclear the rules the better since quixotic unclear rules are the least possible to follow for an authoritarian the rules are there to be broken so that punishment punishment can follow during the day his wife and children were at his beck and call and frequently punished he then subjected them to link these sermons which increasingly diverged from Conventional Church doctrine he asserted that the the priests and Church hierarchy were all corrupt he claimed they had strayed from God's true word and given into an immoral society. He criticized the church for not preaching about the second coming of Jesus Christ enough. He told his children the apocalypse was so close that they would probably never have time to grow up. Get married or move away. The children were home schooled in a curriculum that focused on these ideas along with requirements to read and memorized scripture the Bible was interpreted with the help of Marcus's bizarre handwritten personal writings which he expanded upon and refined over the years his doctrine grew more heretical than any beliefs marcus expressed to his friends besides designating himself as God's final Prophet Marcus shared new epiphanies with his wife and children according to Marcus Jesus Christ was an immortal vampire. He allowed his apostles postles to drink his blood to achieve immortality marcus raised his children to believe that God Almighty had designated him as a second God they believed he was the last in a long succession of vampires destined into lead the family to paradise when Jesus returned to Earth the world would end soon in a blaze of fire and brimstone and nonbelievers would be sent to hell Marcus forced the children to remain indoors almost all the time time he told them public schools police officers and other authority figures were dangerous. He said all these people worked for Satan and they wanted to stop him from leading the children to Heaven one day. He claimed they would try to destroy troy the family and steal their souls. The only way to protect the family in Marcus's view was to expand it in nineteen eighty when he was thirty four and Elizabeth was twenty two elizabeth gave birth to another another son Al May Wesson he brought their total number of children to five their oldest child. Dorian was now five years old soon the family marcus had worked so hard to control would be on the verge of fracture coming up marcus shows rare compassion when one of his children is put in danger now back to the story in nineteen eighty thirty four year old Marcus Wesson lived with his wife twenty one year old Elizabeth Wesson and five children in San Jose California Marcus's bazaar religious dogma which included believing Jesus Christ was a vampire brought the family closer and closer. Closer to complete isolation as the years went on despite his self-absorption Marcus wasn't completely devoid of empathy late in nineteen eighty while the family was driving down the highway his second oldest son Adrian had an accident. The four year old boy was fiddling with the lock on the back door and accidentally opened it while the car was moving. He tumbled out the door and onto the highway marcus pulled over and slammed on the brakes but before anyone could reach Adrian a semi truck ran right over the boy after the truck passed Marcus rushed into the street.

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