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With i'll put it in a fixed toco so it has to be some principal protection accounts year to give up growth if you have those type of accounts so it's not that debt paul and i don't have those license because we do but in addition to that we have the licence have follows investment adviser so a lot of i you know we believe strongly a highly diversified portfolio taking advantage of the three key areas of main areas that we all have to choose from uh in in in the investment world's either going to be equities bonds are principal protect that accounts so we believe have it in a percentage in each one of those areas awaiting whatever you want to call it is extremely important and then it's extremely important to understand what you're going to own in each one of those three main areas rizal in also you whoever you're dealing with you on her agree with their philosophy like off philosophy is diversification we might well managed a mutual funds exchangetraded funds so a welldiversified portfolio rather than by you know that might be another investment adviser or a broker that you know the hers i his philosophy is no i i like to pick individual positions i like to pick what i think is the best twenty stocks right now and i think that will outperform you know a diversified portfolio of mutual funds in they may be right or wrong but in our opinion that just taken on more risk for the same benefit um you know just for example i mean if you look at you know stocks like apple or microsoft are you know alpha which is actually google facebook how much they have gone up in the last year but then g is way down so i you know picking one stark you just have to get it right we just don't want to get a wrong so evident diversified portfolio you still get the benefit of the overall market if it goes out but am i wanted to positions don't do well the diversification with many other positions make up for those losses yeah i like to think a lot of work i'm glad you guys are doing it we'll be back with more coming up right after this the group hello we're paul in larry welcome the 93 financial group in host a family financial focus heard saturday evenings at six pm here on wbz well let's take a moment to talk about four one case kasen retirement planning paul.

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