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In brain cells that can leak into the bloodstream following a blow to the head research shows the test can detect brain injuries within twelve hours a twelve as millions of americans head south for spring break there's new concerns about tainted alcohol it could be at some tourist resorts our clubs in mexico some members of congress pushing the state department to do more about the dangers of tainted alcohol in mexico that as a tremendous concern on the part of the us government wisconsin federal tammy baldwin calling for action after reports in the milwaukee journal sentinel of more than one hundred forty recent injuries and even some deaths among american vacationers after they say they drank just small or moderate amounts of alcohol baldwin writing in a letter i am extremely concerned the state department must do more to protect and assist our citizens went abroad twenty year old abbey conner died after she and her brother austin were found face down in a waist deep pool at a resort in mexico would 2017 her family speaking exclusively with abc news last july questioning whether alcohol they consumed could have been tainted the bartender pours out alannah shots and they come down i take one and everyone else does and the last thing i remember was just like we are right now sitting here talking and lights went out woke up in the ambulance so you went from find blacked out in seconds like i said i felt completely normal representatives of the resort where they were staying say no tainted alcohol was ever found their mexican officials say they've seized one point four million gallons of tainted alcohol a toxic mix of cheap ingredients from executing businesses in the past seven years including tourists hotspots like resort clubs and bars where kill rutledge at the milwaukee journal sentinel has been investigating the story for the past six months i have reports from more than one hundred fifty people had blackouts sexual assault robberies like heidi in cory sore who told the journal sentinel they had two shots in the pool before getting ready for dinner he's in shower and i remember from the czech in her name cannot find her and i looked over the balcony and i could see legs hunger on fishing was completely good unconscious bleeding from them often have abc's gio benitez with.

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