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6 $10 get TV in and then also coming up in about 22 minutes from right now. It's $1000. And if you need to figure out how you'd like to spend that, or you need help spending it by all means hit me up. I will point you in the right direction. But you've got to start with putting the grand in your hand first. So I got the key word coming up at 5 30 for you to, um, to win to win 1000 bucks a grand in your hand. Hey, we were just talking about the Franklin County Authority providing $146 million With a new crew stadium but not even monitoring the spending. This is this is it's good work. If you can get it isn't great. You put that in this account, and then I'll spend it and then don't ask me what I spend it on. Oh, okay, You got a deal. We'll do. It sounds great. Well, he's running for Franklin County Commissioner. And I'm talking about Louise Gill, who's a friend of the show, and he's been on a couple of times. I think Hey, Louis. Thank you very much for waiting. But do you have any thoughts on this? Well, this is exactly what I've been talking about. For the last nine months. It is obviously that this misappropriation they they don't care with. You know, another money. Taxpayer's money and appease is so incredible that You know, for the article to say. I mean, the guy Aurora excelling already really. Official prefers not to know. So that back there don't need to know. I mean, come on. How face that. You know, if this is laughable. You are right. Hey, so people can vote for you. Obviously, if they live in Franklin County. You're running for Franklin County Commissioner Louise, right? Yes, Yes. Yes, I was there on the you know, breaking ground you know, few years ago. Where the county commission was so proud to offer all these millions of money with the owner of the Cleveland Browns Bluff on taking the team to Austin, Texas, when they see one herd of the first place. And we fuck her up the money and we just give it to them. And here we are on the whole mess and and keep giving money away And there is one item. There's so many more things that we you and me. We cannot phone our fingers to it. But it's $1.5 billion budget. And here we are. Facing another soccer stadiums for the you know, perhaps you or me or the average person, Linden and and marry Frankie will not be able to attend a game vehicles is too expensive. You know, for all of us, crazy Luis Gil running for Franklin County Commissioner Louise Thank you very much for your time. We appreciate you checking in with us, and you're right. It is Aye opening to say the least. And ah, boy, we can continue on this, but we need to switch gears here because something else pretty heated happened a little while ago and I'm talking about the exchange, which You know, typically could get spirited sometimes, but it hasn't. Actually, I don't think for a little while and I'm talking about between the governor and the hardest working investigative reporter in the business. Jack Windsor with W. M. T T V and managing editor for the Ohio Star. Hey, Jack. Welcome in brother. And if you want to know what we're going to do is we have The clip of the governor replying to you, but what I wanted to do was have you ask your, you know, Read your question or whatever that you asked today of him. And, Yeah, we want to play the asleep just the first part of his answer to you where he gets snipping man. He does. Well, first of all, thank you for choosing me. It's good to be here with you, Josh and Davey Jimmy to read my question now or wait until after you played. Yeah, go ahead. And like you're asking the governor now, Yeah, Okay. Amy Act and said that her dream was to have immunity certificates that would allow people to reclaim their freedoms. And be admitted back to normal life. She also indicated the desire to eliminate any exemptions for vaccines. Now, doctor pal, she has signaled that the first vaccines may not be highly effective. Given the fact that acting was so adamant, and it's still giving This administration insight for the governor's previous comments, two part question number one Governor Is it your position to require vaccination and immunity proof in order to go back to normal life? War. Will you mandate the vaccine? Backdoor mandate the vaccine by allowing businesses and schools to shut people out who don't choose to vaccinate. And so here he is hearing it areas. Jack. I'm sorry. You're still you're still attacking, Doc. You're acting, you know, I'm just sorry that you feel it necessary to do that, but I didn't attack doctor acting. I just indicated what she stated. Okay. Okay. All right. Um, look, all right, So that's the part that I really wanted to get in there. We can have a discussion about the rest of it. But you know, he was no Well, no. OK, And you didn't attack Doctor Act in it. All you did was state. Something that she said. You know, nobody wants to at this point. What does he want to act like She was never part of his administration. At this point at the very beginning, I get it. They're trying to fly an aircraft while they're learning to fly it While it's in the air..

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