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Well you to enjoy doing it on not yes to that and that is news bright singer both boring me it's time for and other guest on for second in view of this week's pulled john nugent for it is he pits his wits against the archbishop of animation the most of moulding the constantly area of clay i'm not going to carry on with this plasticine skirun he is of course the original automan mr nick park he and fundamentalist tom hilst an made themselves available for jones rebid interrogation uh which you can hear now we are delighted to have on the import koschnick park until mendelssohn how are you both very well we have very well yes we all very well today you speak collectively horrible co last week and glad to hear it's a bit nicely but i'm so early man it's tokua obviously right from the start you reminded me those old like very harry housing b movies for the dinosaurs fighting are they saw films you wish this as kids by three not a not honestly not so much but i used to watch odman films is either so mainly uh the question fanek but we odman where i did i i have i can remember when i first saw a guerande out the wrong trousers but that's the suffice to wbz anyway oh has fluttering in techniques and yet now i that i very much him imf may harry house in was a hero of mine and i saw the milanese bc when those by levin i think i was too young to notice recco welsh i was obsessed with dinosaurs.

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