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Two seventy five and God help you if you're on tap obey plus nine fifty, I would. I would be surprised if they're nine and seven or eight base it team. I get some borderline out. Wanna bet this. But again, they're not my favorite team in the division to to get good toward Janati are two of the last three games against Tate's Carolina team and thanksgiving night against the falcons. That could be a huge game. Let's go to Tate's team the Panthers, eleven and five last year gin now. Nine and under under minus two. Oh five. For the less one. Fifty five for the over. Good Lord. How does that night we're missing with this? I I was looking this Tate. What are we missing? I think a lot of people don't think that the north Turner and Cam Newton relationship will work out that well, offensive coordinator. If you've watched the preseason. I mean, it seems to be going great and Cam seems to be very happy with everything that's happening around him. Yeah. I mean, they're loaded at wide receiver. I think funchess ambulatory Smith DJ more the secondary's a question Mark Tate. You have to admit their past defenses, ranked twenty ninth that they need that bradberry kit to step up. I don't know how long we've been talking about captain Marland, but he's not. He doesn't great out. Well at all their run defense. We're gonna say it again. Leuke quiz gotta be there. McCaffrey lot of buzz. Everybody loves them. Fantasy wise buzz. Why should that be different this year? What if they figured out what McCaffrey? Yeah, they they're gonna put them in the slots, which is nice. I think. Good. The last half of the is better. I guess the saints playoff game was time when you really step up something. A lot of people excited about that. I really liked it. I guess j. Anderson. I think that's a nice back to come in and help McCaffrey a little bit and well, they weren't part in the you got rid of j. Stu jet. Yeah, he's been there. He's been there for too long and then DJ more. I just think DJ Moore's, a guy that has shown ability to get separation and they're gonna lean on him a lot. What about Samuel? Oh, Curtis, Samuel is the biggest leap from teams the twentieth round sleeper that for you and week three. Yeah. And he was the second round pick I I get to you on. All right. You're right. Tackles out for the year, Darrell Williams, right? And then mecca. Lil is got benched guy that they signed so. So that's the rub on them is the tackles. Yeah, but that might be a good thing of calills not plan. So Cam Cam wins, football games, you gotta like their first four before the by against Dallas? Atlanta. Okay. Cincinnati. Actually, that's our first three. Oh, and then their home against the giants after the. Bye. So they're looking at three and one four? No, I think right. They have a couple of easier road games that they're at Cleveland there at Tampa, their trade. I don't think it's going to be good at Tampa. Yep. The week, fifteen through seventeen is pretty fascinating. I like that they put in New Orleans at home week, fifteen home Atlanta week sixteen and then at New Orleans to end the season. So they don't play New Orleans until week fiftieth. Division's definitely. That's definitely the most fun part of the divisions, alas, three weeks kudos to the schedule makers. I really liked the over. I don't see them going eight Nater below, I think came when after get hurt. And you could say that about any team that the best part, I would be shocked if Cam stayed healthy the whole year. And then when nine games and I think it's the plus one fifty five lakhs to me. I almost felt like I saw the line and stuff, and I was like, did something? No, they're cheating happened. Yeah. If you talk about if we believe in things being fixed, they are baiting you to take that over nine one fifty five, which I think it's a, I think it's going to be a push. I think people don't like Cam. Honestly, I think Cam is the Westbrook the NFL people look at him and they look for reasons to talk them. Selves out of why he why he's going to succeed Tate..

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