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You could have spent if you voted yes on every single proposal and many many did Tom Carper Joe mansion, Chris coons? Mansions and interesting one supposedly remember, we're hearing this. He's this moderate guy. And he's basically a Republican not so much one point nine three two trillion dollars. Chris coons Timothy Kaine Maggie Saen. Mark Warner Gary Peters from Michigan. And you see those are all Democrats as you might expect the other page of the worst Heidi Heitkamp who's now gone Jean Shaheen, Joe Donnelly and Angus king who's an independent, but actually really a democrat all Democrats all one point nine three two trillion dollars the best. You're not going to be surprised by the two best. The only two senators in the entire Senate to lower spending rand Paul cut one hundred sixty one billion dollars with his votes and Mike Lee one hundred and fifty one billion dollars. No surprise of those two. And I think you kind of know right off the bat who the senators are who really care the house. It's going to be the kind of the same picture. I think these are the only I think it was a total of five that actually cut spending just in a mush was number one in the list cut one hundred sixty four point seven billion Thomas Massie just. Behind him at one sixty four six Jimmy Duncan from Tennessee one hundred and forty four point three billion role labrador one hundred eighteen and Morgan Griffith cut thirty eight billion dollars. But again fought we have seven people at a five hundred and thirty five that voted to cut spending. And it was only in the billions, and the I started with a one trillion. So they know no cutting was one hundred six one was the highest numbers. That was a billion a hundred sixty one billion cut the others. The bad ones are one trillion nine hundred million. Yeah, it's crazy. Now, this is I think you'll bear. Right. Exactly. I think you'll find this interesting the house worst now again, one point nine three two trillion a bunch of people tied for it..

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